Hadean extends the partnership with PixelMax

Hadean, the leader in distributed computing, has announced the expansion of their partnership with PixelMax, the developer of the next-generation game engine, “Atomic”. This strategic collaboration aims to further enhance the gaming experience by leveraging Hadean’s distributed computing technology, which allows for the efficient processing of large-scale simulations and real-time interactions. This also means that gamers will be able to enjoy more immersive and truly interactive gameplay. With this partnership, Hadean and PixelMax continue to push the boundaries of modern gaming and redefine the possibilities of what can be achieved with distributed computing technology.

Hadean and Pixelmax have extended their partnership to develop the necessary framework for content streaming in the Metaverse using Hadean’s cloud technology and PixelMax’s 3D environment. This will enable builders and brands to stream comprehensive content for their fans. The two companies are collaborating with various prime metaverse companies like UEFA, Pixelynx, Gamescoin, Minecraft, Sony, and the UK military to develop a digital twin training program. This collaboration is expected to take both companies to the next level of being technology providers for the Metaverse, addressing the issue of a lack of upgradable streaming for high-volume brands. With their vast expertise and experience, the collaboration is expected to yield fruitful results.

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