Hawex Group took part in Crypto Expo 2023 event, Dubai

Hawex Group recently participated in the highly anticipated Crypto Expo 2023 in Dubai, showcasing its expertise in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency trading. The event hosted some of the biggest names in the crypto world, serving as a perfect platform for Hawex Group to network and interact with industry experts and enthusiasts alike. With its innovative approach to the rapidly evolving crypto space, Hawex Group left a lasting impression at the event, cementing its position as a leading player in the field. Stay tuned to learn more about Hawex Group’s upcoming initiatives that will change the face of crypto trading!

The Hawex Group Participates in Crypto Expo 2023 in Dubai

Hawex Group, a fintech company, took part in Crypto Expo 2023, the biggest digital currency event of the year, held in Dubai. The two-day conference had over 10,000 visitors interested in digital currency and fintech. Attendees learned about current digital market trends, and experts spoke on topics ranging from investing to the best stablecoins and NFTs.

The company introduced its products at the stand and engaged in an active dialogue with users and guests of the conference. A panel discussion also covered the issues of crypto-regulation and the prospects of blockchain technologies in healthcare and public administration. The CBDO Hawex Group gave a presentation comparing CeFi and DeFi services, which aroused great interest among the public. Hawex Group’s representatives at the stand explained in detail the functionalities of their services, such as crypto processing and SaaS products.

The schedule of panel discussions at Crypto Expo 2023 was very busy and rewarding, involving guests of the conference and colleagues from the fintech market in the discussion. The development of fintech services gives digital currency more and more use cases. Therefore, it is necessary to demonstrate the achievements of fintech developments, and Crypto Expo 2023 was a perfect fit for this task. The event was an interesting experience for the Hawex team to optimize their solutions for the needs of the guests of Crypto Expo 2023. A strategic partnership was also built during the conference.

Hawex provides an opportunity to develop a digital currency exchange for users, with which they can easily enter the digital currency market. The company’s mobile application with a wallet and a card also aroused great interest because it takes payments to a new convenient level. The future of Web 3.0 is closer than you think.

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