HeartX Launches Web3 Marketplace and Community Aim to Revolutionize Digital Art Industry

HeartX, a blockchain-based art platform, has recently launched its Web3 marketplace and community with the aim of transforming the digital art industry. Using blockchain technology, HeartX offers a decentralized, transparent, and secure platform for artists to showcase and sell their artworks. The newly launched Web3 marketplace provides a vast array of digital art pieces that buyers can purchase using cryptocurrencies, opening up new opportunities for artists and collectors alike. Additionally, HeartX’s community includes artists, collectors, and enthusiasts who can interact, share, and collaborate, creating a dynamic and supportive ecosystem for digital art. With its innovative approach and cutting-edge technology, HeartX is poised to revolutionize the digital art industry, paving the way for a more equitable and transparent market for all stakeholders.

HeartX: Redefining the Value of Digital Art with Web3

HeartX, formerly known as ArteX, has recently rebranded and launched a groundbreaking web3 marketplace and community that empowers artists, collectors, art consultants, and art lovers to redefine the value of digital art. This new platform provides a secure, immersive, and transparent space for creating, sharing, and trading digital artworks, catering to artists, collectors, and the web3 community alike.

With a sleek and user-friendly interface, artists can easily upload and list their NFT-based digital art for a global audience to explore and purchase. An innovative art evaluation system engages all users by enabling them to rate and vote on digital art pieces, earning tokens as a reward, and creating an interactive and dynamic online art community. HeartX’s Vote-to-Earn system allows people to show their taste and support, making it easier to join the web3 community.

HeartX’s first season introduces a unique set of features designed to enhance user engagement and incentivize participation. The “vote-to-earn” model allows users to earn tokens by voting for art pieces, with both the most and least favored pieces resulting in token earning. The platform also introduces two types of tokens – the governance token $HTX and the utility token $HNX – that encourage users to unlock new opportunities for growth and profitability.

The HeartX team is composed of seasoned professionals with diverse experiences and backgrounds, united by a strong passion for creating a seamless, secure, and user-friendly platform and ecosystem for users worldwide. The team has formed partnerships with some of the most innovative teams in the web3 space, with more to be announced.

HeartX’s vision for the future of digital art goes beyond being an online marketplace. It is a vibrant community of art lovers passionate about exploring and collecting digital artwork. The platform connects creators and collectors, offering artists a unique opportunity to showcase their digital artwork to a global audience and collectors a chance to build a reputation and find unique, innovative pieces.

The HeartX marketplace will be launched in both app and web versions in mid-April. Join HeartX today and experience the future of digital art.


Decent Arts Singapore Pte. Ltd. is a Web3 professional team dedicated to art. Their mission is to connect the offline and online art worlds to broaden the boundaries of traditional art and establish a more inclusive, diverse, and decentralized Web3 art ecology.

Decent Arts focuses on both the physical and digital art market and has created an online art community for trading and communication. They have launched digital art collections and incubate a richer metaverse and Web3 products to allow more people to connect, understand, and finally fall in love with art.

The team currently has 30 members who are responsible for product planning, artist cooperation, technology development, platform operations, and more. Most of the members come from successful Internet companies in diverse fields, including gaming, live broadcast, social networking, e-commerce, art, blockchain, digital collections, and more.

In conclusion, HeartX and Decent Arts are innovative companies changing the landscape of digital art. Their passion, vision, and dedication to their community will redefine the value of art in the web3 era. Keep your eyes on HeartX and Decent Arts for the future of digital art.

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