Here’s How Much Money FTX Really Has Left

FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, has recently disclosed its financial statements, revealing how much money it actually has left after expenses. According to reports, FTX has approximately $238 million in cash and cash equivalents, indicating a strong financial position. This news is likely to boost investor confidence in the platform’s stability and growth potential, as FTX continues to expand and gain traction in the crypto market.

FTX’s Fourth Interim Financial Update Reveals $86 Million in Spending

FTX, the cryptocurrency exchange that filed for bankruptcy protection in November 2022, released its fourth interim financial update recently. According to court documents, the exchange spent $86 million by the end of March 2023. The report reveals that $67 million was spent on legal fees, which made up the majority of the spending.

The update also shows that FTX has $2 billion in cash and generated $48 million from the sale of assets. However, the report only covers the period up to the end of March, and does not include the $50 million the exchange stands to receive from the sale of LedgerX. FTX finalized the deal with M7 Holdings, LLC on April 25.

Despite the challenges of recovering funds, FTX CEO John Ray III has been leading the company’s recovery efforts during the bankruptcy proceedings. Ray stated, “it has taken a huge effort to get this far. The exchanges’ assets were highly commingled, and their books and records are incomplete and, in many cases, totally absent.”

The $86 million in spending was dispersed across five “silos.” The U.S.-based West Realm Shires (WRS) accounted for almost all of the spending, with (Dotcom) accounting for $4.5 million. Alameda contributed $798,177, Deck Technologies Inc. contributed $327,548, and Ventures contributed $50,000. These silos are filled with FTX-owned companies or “debtors.”

The March report shows a significant increase in the amount of money FTX has generated since its last report, which only showed $13.5 million. The $48 million generated from the sale of assets was primarily from FTX exiting a $45 million position in the Sequoia Capital Fund, LP. Another $3 million came from exiting an equity position in Spoak Inc., which operates the crypto accounting platform Tactic.

Earlier this month, FTX published a case update that revealed the company has recovered $6.2 billion in assets. Ray stated, “we believe it is more important to provide transparency to stakeholders by making this information public now than to wait until we can achieve certainty.”

In conclusion, FTX’s fourth interim financial update offers a glimpse into the exchange’s spending and recovery efforts. Despite the challenges, the exchange has generated substantial amounts from the sale of assets and positions in other companies and ventures. The update highlights FTX’s commitment to transparency and its CEO’s determination to lead the company through the bankruptcy proceedings.

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