Here’s Why the PEPE Price Tanked 20% as Suspicions of Team Dump Grow and Investors Switch to Alternative Meme Coins

In this article, we discuss the reasons behind the 20% price drop of PEPE coin, including growing suspicions of team dumping and investors shifting their focus towards alternative meme coins.

Title 1: The Controversy Surrounding Pepe Coin: Price Plummets as Investors Seek Alternative Meme Coins
Title 2: PepeCoin Loses Ground as PepeCoin Cryptocurrency Surges and Sonik Coin and Wall Street Memes Benefit

In the past 24 hours, Pepe (PEPE) has experienced a significant decline of 20% due to controversy over changes made to its multisig wallet. This sudden drop in price has caused investors to shift their attention towards alternative cryptocurrencies, resulting in a remarkable 375% surge in the price of the original PepeCoin Cryptocurrency (pepecoin).

The decline in PEPE’s value can be attributed to unexpected token transfers from the development team’s multisig wallet. Approximately $16 million worth of PEPE was moved to various cryptocurrency exchanges, which raised concerns among investors, leading to fears of a potential rug pull. These fears were compounded by the reduction of required signatures for transfers from the multisig wallet, intensifying the uncertainty surrounding the coin’s future. At present, there is still over $9.6 million worth of PEPE held in the wallet, leaving investors on high alert.

While PEPE faces uncertainty, PepeCoin (pepecoin) has witnessed a significant revival. The original Pepe the Frog-themed cryptocurrency, created in 2016, has seen its value increase by over 100%. Although overshadowed by the newer Pepe coin, the recent controversies surrounding PEPE have prompted investors to turn to PepeCoin, resulting in an increase in buying volume and price. However, the surge in value experienced by pepecoin appears to be temporary, as it has already dropped 70% from its local high.

PepeCoin is not the only meme coin gaining traction in the market. Sonik Coin (SONIK) and Wall Street Memes (WSM) have also seen substantial growth during their respective presale phases. Sonik Coin, inspired by SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog character, has garnered meme coin investors’ attention with a presale that has raised over $450,000. The coin’s low price and future discounted Uniswap listing price have generated strong demand. Additionally, Sonik Coin’s staking protocol, offering yields of 143% per year, has already attracted over 16.7 billion staked tokens, further contributing to its appeal.

Wall Street Memes (WSM), leveraging the popularity of finance-based memes, has raised over $25 million in its presale, indicating significant investor interest. The project aims to create a community-driven ecosystem where WSM holders can benefit from the growth of the Wall Street Memes brand. With plans for meme influencer partnerships, an exclusive “gated community,” and a $1 billion market cap, WSM offers unique features that have contributed to its success.

In conclusion, the recent controversies surrounding PEPE have had a profound impact on its price, leading investors to explore alternative meme coins such as PepeCoin, Sonik Coin, and Wall Street Memes. The meme coin landscape is dynamic and ever-changing, making it crucial for investors to conduct thorough research and verify information independently before making any investment decisions.

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