Human Protocol goes live on MultiversX Mainnet & enhances Micropayment

Human Protocol, a platform known for its innovative Micropayment solutions, has gone live on the MultiverseX Mainnet, signaling a new era of cutting-edge payment technology. The integration of Human Protocol with the MultiversX Mainnet unlocks new opportunities for developers and content creators, allowing them to better monetize their work and receive seamless payments for their services. The Micropayment solution offered by Human Protocol improves transaction speed, flexibility and cost-effectiveness, thereby providing a more user-friendly experience for all. By enhancing Micropayment capabilities, Human Protocol has paved the way for businesses to explore new revenue streams and create a more sustainable digital economy.

The internet has revolutionized our approach to tasks and productivity through global networks that provide convenience in data sharing and information dissemination. The integration of blockchain technology has further improved the efficacy of a combined workforce, taking it to the next level of competence. The AI-boosted Human protocol has recently launched on the MultiversX Mainnet and can now authenticate and disseminate tasks at scale. The connected users can earn payments in Human Protocol Tokens (HMT) through the MultiversX Network, xPortal SuperApp, and xExchange.

Human Protocol provides solutions to manage, automate, assess, and incentivize various tasks globally, and its incorporation with the MultiversX Mainnet adds the benefits of automation, reduced expenses, and higher effectiveness. Human Protocol aims to provide connectivity to a global audience through a multichain approach while fulfilling demands to the best of their abilities. The CEO of Multiversx believes Artificial Intelligence is coming in a huge rush and will inevitably stay, necessitating adequate preparation. The Human Protocol Foundation’s mission is to live up to expectations with the next stage of machine intelligence, enabling machines to directly interact with humans for upgrading their data. The labeling of massive datasets with hCaptcha technology ensures bot-blocking Captcha and human confirmation.

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