Hyperspace debuts on Avalanche, its first EVM chain

Hyperspace, the innovative blockchain platform, has marked a remarkable milestone by launching its EVM chain on Avalanche. This groundbreaking development allows users to seamlessly access and utilize Hyperspace’s cutting-edge features and functionalities directly on Avalanche. By debuting on Avalanche, Hyperspace takes a significant step forward in expanding its reach and providing an optimized experience for its community. Explore the limitless possibilities of Hyperspace on Avalanche and unlock a world of decentralized potential.

Title 1: Hyperspace Launches on Avalanche EVM Chain with Exciting NFT Marketplace Features
Title 2: Avalanche Welcomes Hyperspace and Dokyo to Expand NFT Ecosystem

Hyperspace, a multi-chain NFT marketplace, has recently made its debut on Avalanche’s EVM chain, aiming to provide users with an enhanced experience in the world of non-fungible tokens. The choice to join forces with Avalanche was driven by several factors, including the network’s power, speed, and eco-friendliness. Hyperspace recognized the vast potential that the Avalanche Network brings to the partnership.

While the initial decentralized application launch on Avalanche is just the beginning, Hyperspace has exciting plans for the future. The current offering is merely the tip of the iceberg, with Hyperspace promising to introduce innovative features tailored to NFT traders and collectors. Additionally, the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) will undergo significant improvements based on user feedback and platform usage.

The upcoming updates will provide a better understanding of the expected user experience on Hyperspace. Bidding on NFT collections, wallet analytics, and collection analytics are some of the features in the works. Furthermore, users will have the ability to swap digital assets across different chains, monitor activity, and analyze charts to gain a better understanding of the NFT marketplace’s dynamics.

Real-time NFT experiences are also on the agenda, which may be exclusive to Avalanche ecosystem members or available across various hosting chains. Hyperspace plans to offer an API that is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easier for newcomers to join the ecosystem. The goal is to prevent users from excluding themselves due to challenges in understanding and operating the platform.

Excitingly, Hyperspace will bring Dokyo, an Avalanche mint, under its launchpad products, further enriching the ecosystem. Boasting over 50 NFT mints on Sui and Solana, including ByteCity and 12 Days of Hypemas, Hyperspace’s association with Avalanche marks a pivotal milestone. Co-founder Kamil Mafoud expresses enthusiasm about embracing the first EVM-compatible chain and looks forward to delivering new experiences to the NFT community.

Ava Labs’ Head of NFTs, Dominic Carbonaro, responds to this announcement with equal excitement, highlighting the opportunity to establish a new era on Avalanche, specifically for profile picture projects (PFPs). Dominic emphasizes that Hyperspace’s presence fills a critical infrastructure role, enabling the ecosystem to grow and scale.

In conclusion, Hyperspace’s integration with the Avalanche EVM chain brings forth an array of exciting features and improvements to the NFT marketplace. With plans for future enhancements and collaborations, Hyperspace aims to create a thriving environment for NFT enthusiasts, offering unparalleled experiences within the Avalanche ecosystem.

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