Identity Of Shiba Inu Founder Revealed By BitBoy

BitBoy Crypto revealed the identity of the founder of Shiba Inu, the popular cryptocurrency, in a recent video. The founder, who goes by the pseudonym “Ryoshi,” was previously unknown to the public. BitBoy’s video goes into detail on Ryoshi’s background and involvement in the development and growth of Shiba Inu. This news is likely to generate increased interest and attention in the cryptocurrency from investors and traders alike.

Ben Armstrong, also known as “BitBoy,” a major influence in the crypto market, has revealed what he believes to be the identity of the secret founder of Shiba Inu, an individual referred to as “Ryoshi.” Armstrong claims that Neyma Jahan is the father of SHIB, despite Jahan denying his association with Shiba Inu. To support his claim, Armstrong presented tweets from Andrew Lee and screenshots from the Karma DAO group. Armstrong also received proof from an anonymous YouTuber who claims Jahan contacted him after the launch of Shiba Inu, asking him to remove all videos related to Unification. Jahan contradicts Armstrong’s claims through a Twitter thread and argues that he is the founder of Unification but has not held a leadership role for some time. The Shiba Inu community will decide who they believe. At the time of publication, SHIB’s price was $0.00001092, up 4.9% in the last 24 hours.

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