India’s ED takes a $115.5 million dig at the crypto market

India’s Enforcement Directorate (ED) has made a massive crack down of $115.5 million on the cryptocurrency market. The move has sent shockwaves through the industry, with many investors and experts debating its implications. The ED is focusing on cases involving money laundering and fraud, with a number of high-profile individuals under investigation. The news is likely to have a significant impact on the future of cryptocurrency in India, with regulators likely to take a tighter stance on the industry going forward.

India’s Enforcement Directorate has seized $115.5 million in the cryptocurrency sphere due to suspected money laundering cases. While some crypto ventures have been spooked, this measure aims to safeguard investors and crypto platforms at every step. Currently, five individuals are in custody, with WazirX receiving a warning for its expensive transaction fees. The Ministry of Finance view the crypto market as problematic due to theft cases, similar to the FTX collapse which saw SBF under investigation for eight fraudulent charges, highlighting the need for countries across the globe to remain vigilant. The Indian Government is committed to monitoring and improving digital asset activities with specified rules in place. However, a 30% tax with 1% TDS creates controversy, with every big cryptocurrency exchange in India feeling the fear of customers potentially seeking foreign alternatives. Regardless of the situation, digital asset platforms must cooperate with relevant authorities. Companies must conclude their KYC process before operating their services, while authorities will issue licenses and supervise AML/CFT services. New Delhi seeks an exemption from the KYC process for its digital currency environment. The seizure of $115.5 million shows the strong stand regulators can take against money laundering in the crypto market, earning ED appreciation.

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