InvestDex partners with Floki to add FlokiFi to its platform

InvestDex has announced a new partnership with Floki, the popular blockchain-based platform, to add FlokiFi to its existing offerings. The move will allow InvestDex users to access Floki’s unique features and services, including cutting-edge decentralized exchanges, staking, and liquidity pools. Additionally, the integration with Floki will provide InvestDex users with access to Floki’s thriving community, as well as its secure and user-friendly wallet. This new partnership will further enhance InvestDex’s reputation as a leading platform for investment and trading, and will undoubtedly attract a wider audience to the platform. With this announcement, InvestDex has demonstrated its commitment to staying ahead of the curve and providing its users with access to the latest and most innovative investment opportunities.

InvestDex has recently partnered with Floki and integrated FlokiFi protocol into its platform. As a result, users will now be able to track their virtual assets across both platforms and have access to features offered by both., InvestDex’s latest launchpad, will also utilize FlokiFi Locker as its preferred protocol. The partnership will increase the adoption of FlokiFi Locker, as it has become a market phenomenon, with a market cap of $346 million and about to secure around $40 million in TVL. FlokiFi Locker facilitates the locking of NFTs and tokens in smart contract vaults and supports 12 EVM-compatible networks. Once assets are locked, withdrawals are restricted for a while, securing users from panic selling and rug pulls. The partnership is expected to be a massive hit, given their market standing and popularity.

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