Living Proof partners with ByondXR to debut in the metaverse

Living Proof, a hair care company, has partnered with ByondXR, a virtual reality and augmented reality platform, to make their debut in the metaverse. By utilizing ByondXR’s technology, Living Proof will be able to create a virtual representation of their products, allowing customers to explore and interact with them in the metaverse. This move provides Living Proof with a unique opportunity to engage with consumers in a new and immersive way while promoting their brand and products. By setting foot in the metaverse, the partnership aims to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds, creating a more personalized and innovative shopping experience for customers.

Living Proof is making its debut in the virtual store segment of the e-commerce industry by partnering with ByondXR to open a storefront in the metaverse. The virtual store will feature four rooms to provide visitors with an immersive shopping experience. Customers will be able to access the list of products and learn about the company’s history. Additionally, an AI Hair Quiz coupled with the virtual room section will recommend the best products for customers based on their hair analysis. The storefront’s second room will showcase a curated selection of products and provide an easy checkout process. The third room will provide repair treatment services, while the fourth room will showcase Living Proof’s commitment to sustainability through its Terracycle Partnership. Living Proof’s move to open its first store in the metaverse shows its dedication to innovation in the hair care industry. ByondXR’s partnership with Living Proof is expected to set the trend for other brands to follow.

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