‘Lollipop’ NFT Racing Game From Filmmaker David Ayer Coming to Polygon

David Ayer, a renowned filmmaker, is bringing a new racing game called “Lollipop” to Polygon, a popular blockchain network. This blockchain-based racing game will be powered by non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that enable players to own and trade unique cars. In this game, players will race against each other in a high-speed arena, and the winner will earn valuable rewards. The game’s development team is leveraging Polygon’s fast and low-cost network to deliver a smooth and seamless gaming experience. With the growing popularity of blockchain-based games, “Lollipop” is expected to attract a significant player base on Polygon, opening up new revenue streams for the gaming industry.

Los Angeles-based entertainment studio Feature.io has big plans for its latest project—Lollipop, an interactive Web3 multimedia car racing experience. The Fast and Furious co-writer and Suicide Squad writer/director David Ayer will be attached as its writer and executive producer, while Chris Long, producer of the Ayer-directed film The Tax Collector and the Mr. Mercedes television series, is also attached.

The project will be built on Ethereum scaling network, Polygon, and will involve Polygon-based NFTs. Feature.io founder and CEO, Steven Ilous, prefers to call them “digital collectibles” because of the negative stigma surrounding the acronym NFTs. The project will combine elements of episodic streaming, gaming, and professional sports.

“We’re trying to really create next-generation content that is built for how audiences are consuming content these days,” said Ilous, adding that Ayer is “definitely a fan of the technology.” While it’s not yet clear exactly how Lollipop will leverage NFTs, Polygon Labs President Ryan Wyatt called the project “truly pioneering” in a statement.

Ilous came up with the concept for Lollipop and pitched it to Ayer, who understood the potential of the technology right away. Feature.io isn’t billing Lollipop purely as a video game, but rather an “interactive media experience,” built to really grab hold of audiences through a hybrid media approach. The project aims to pioneer what future experiences could be and spearhead the future of storytelling by utilizing Polygon blockchain technology to create a completely new type of media.

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