Metacade Partners with Metastudio Ahead of Uniswap Listing

Metacade, a blockchain-based gaming platform, has partnered with Metastudio, a decentralized game development platform, ahead of its upcoming listing on Uniswap. The partnership will enable Metacade to leverage Metastudio’s game development tools and resources to enhance its gaming platform’s capabilities. The move is expected to draw attention to both companies, as Metacade’s listing on Uniswap will likely attract investors and game enthusiasts alike. The collaboration between Metacade and Metastudio signifies the growing popularity of blockchain in the gaming industry, and the increasing potential for decentralized gaming platforms to disrupt the traditional gaming space.

Metacade GameFi Project Raises $16.4M in Final Stage Presale

Metacade, a popular GameFi project in 2023, recently sold out in its final stage presale, raising a whopping $16.4M. The MCADE token is set to list on Uniswap soon at a price of $0.022, a 10% increase from the presale price. Metacade staking will also launch on the same day, offering a 40% AAR.

Partnership with Metastudio

Metacade recently announced a partnership with Metastudio, a new gaming company focused on delivering top-notch, avant-garde mobile games to the Metacade arcade. The Metastudio team has an impressive track record, having worked on blockbuster media projects such as Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers 2, and Kung Fu Panda. The two companies will host an AMA session where further details will be disclosed.

Engagement Options for MCADE Holders

MCASE digital currency holders have various engagement options with the platform. They can take advantage of the recently launched online platform that serves as a virtual gathering spot for gamers and investors. Players can earn MCADE rewards by indulging in gaming activities. Metacade also encourages holders to participate in promotions to drive the product’s growth and adoption. This strategy will benefit both the MCADE token value and long-term holders as well.

About Metacade

Metacade wants to revolutionize the gaming industry by building the largest play-to-earn (P2E) arcade platform available. The project aims to create a dynamic ecosystem where gamers, developers, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts can engage with each other, enjoy various gaming activities, and earn rewards for their participation. The platform’s whitepaper has impressed investors and analysts, demonstrating the project’s innovation and potential. CertiK, a leading blockchain auditor, has validated the platform’s code and specifications, instilling further trust in the project’s authenticity.

Final Thoughts

Metacade is a highly anticipated GameFi project that has raised an impressive amount of money, attracting investors’ attention worldwide. Its partnership with Metastudio has also generated excitement, and the upcoming AMA session is highly anticipated by the community. With its innovative approach to gaming and user engagement options, Metacade is poised to make a significant impact in the industry.

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