Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Will Take Salary in Bitcoin If Elected President

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has made a bold move, declaring that if he is elected as the President of the United States, he will take his salary in Bitcoin. This announcement comes as the cryptocurrency continues to gain popularity and acceptance, signaling a potential shift in how traditional forms of payment are viewed. By embracing Bitcoin, Suarez aims to show his support for the digital currency and its potential benefits. This decision could attract attention from tech-savvy voters and those interested in the rapidly evolving financial landscape.

Francis Suarez Willing to Accept Bitcoin as Presidential Salary

Francis Suarez, the current mayor of Miami and a GOP presidential candidate, has expressed his willingness to accept Bitcoin (BTC) as part of his salary if elected president. In a recent podcast interview, Suarez confirmed that he is already taking a portion of his mayoral salary in Bitcoin and intends to continue doing so if he becomes president.

Promoting Cryptocurrency to Ensure Freedom

One of the reasons behind Suarez’s support for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general is his belief that they can safeguard freedom. According to him, these digital assets serve as a good hedge and check and balance on the existing monetary system, which he perceives as highly politicized and out of control.

Additionally, Suarez emphasized the benefits of blockchain technology and fractionalized investments. He explained that tokenization makes it easier for more people to participate in debt and stock investments, potentially helping to bridge the wealth gap and increase financial opportunities with reduced risks.

Bitcoin and US Presidential Candidates

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become a prominent topic among US presidential candidates. While incumbent President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have expressed skepticism and concerns about cryptocurrencies, several candidates, including Suarez, have shown support.

Earlier this month, Suarez announced that he would accept Bitcoin as a campaign donation, aligning himself with other candidates such as Robert Kennedy Jr., Ron DeSantis, and Vivek Ramaswamy. Kennedy has also voiced his support for crypto, stating that cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, drive innovation and that hindering the industry through excessive regulations would be a mistake.

Ron DeSantis, the Florida Governor and a competitor for the Republican ticket, has been especially vocal in his support for Bitcoin. He has called out lawmakers and regulators for their insufficient efforts in creating clear crypto laws and enabling broader adoption of cryptocurrencies by Americans.

Challenges Ahead for DeSantis

Miami Mayor Suarez, however, challenged Ron DeSantis’ stance on cryptocurrencies, claiming that he has only expressed opposition to Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) without offering comprehensive solutions. Suarez believes that it is not enough to simply criticize CBDCs, as most people already share the same viewpoint. He emphasized the need for candidates to delve deeper into the crypto industry and propose actionable plans that address its complexities.

In conclusion, Francis Suarez, a presidential candidate and the mayor of Miami, has shown strong support for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. If elected president, he intends to accept Bitcoin as part of his salary, highlighting the importance of these digital assets in preserving freedom and promoting financial opportunities. Suarez joins other presidential candidates who have embraced cryptocurrencies, signaling their recognition of the potential benefits they offer.

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