Microsoft Azure to Make Blockchain Native Data Available Through Space and Time Listing

Microsoft Azure is set to provide native data access to blockchain technology, allowing users to seamlessly access and utilize their data across different applications and systems. This move is a significant step towards the integration of blockchain technology into everyday business operations, offering users the benefits of secure, decentralized data storage and management. Through its Space and Time Listing, Microsoft Azure aims to make blockchain technology more accessible and user-friendly, paving the way for a more efficient and effective business landscape.

Space and Time is a decentralized blockchain data warehouse that has recently announced its availability on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. This brings along new opportunities for the platform’s developers to onboard enterprise data to smart contract applications and new use cases for indexed blockchain data. Space and Time combines real-time data from major blockchains with off-chain data indexed by customers. Meanwhile, Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that allows users to access a range of applications or develop and scale new ones.

Microsoft’s venture capital fund, M12, led a funding round for Space and Time in September 2022. Kathleen Mitford, CVP of Global Industry Marketing at Microsoft, stated in a press release that Microsoft is empowering growth across emerging markets, including blockchain and distributed data.

The collaboration between Space and Time and Microsoft Azure provides an advanced data storage solution for developers and enterprises that require real-time data across blockchains, enterprises, and AI. In February, Ankr also partnered with Microsoft to provide services for enterprise-grade node hosting.

With the availability of Space and Time on the Azure Marketplace, participants can take advantage of the powerful combination of Azure’s cloud computing capabilities and the highly reliable data storage solution provided by Space and Time. Developers will be able to access and analyze real-time data from major blockchains in a secure and efficient manner.

In conclusion, the partnership between Space and Time and Microsoft Azure signifies a significant step towards the advancement of blockchain technology and distributed data. It provides a reliable solution for developers who need access to real-time data from major blockchains, and the combination of Space and Time’s data storage solution with Azure’s cloud computing capabilities is a significant milestone for the industry.

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