Microsoft Edge Crypto Wallet Reportedly In The Works

Microsoft is reportedly developing a cryptocurrency wallet for its Edge browser users. This wallet will allow users to securely store and manage their digital assets, facilitating transactions without the need for a separate crypto wallet. The move comes as cryptocurrencies continue to gain mainstream acceptance and adoption, and experts anticipate that more tech giants will follow suit. With this development, Microsoft aims to provide its users with a convenient and secure way to interact with cryptocurrencies, further advancing the reach of blockchain technology.

Potential screenshots on Twitter suggest that Microsoft Edge users may have access to a cryptocurrency wallet feature integrated directly into the web browser. While Microsoft has yet to confirm the feature, there is speculation about its potential impact on the growing digital asset market. The latest versions of Microsoft Edge reportedly have the feature “already baked in,” including a cryptocurrency wallet, explorer for decentralized applications, news feed, and the option to purchase cryptocurrency using Coinbase and MoonPay. The Microsoft Edge wallet, if confirmed, will be embedded within Edge and non-custodial, meaning that Microsoft will not have access to the wallet’s passwords or recovery keys. Microsoft has been making strides in the world of Web3, including the development of its decentralized identity (DID) system, which allows users to create and manage their digital identities without relying on centralized authorities. Additionally, the company has launched various blockchain-based tools and services, such as Azure Blockchain Workbench and Azure Blockchain Tokens.

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