Midjourney Uses Photo Uploads To Help You Craft Prompts

Midjourney is an innovative tool that helps you create engaging prompts for your audience by leveraging photo uploads. With its unique approach, Midjourney allows users to upload photos and use them as inspiration to generate thought-provoking and creative prompts.

Whether you’re a blogger, content creator, or social media marketer, Midjourney makes it easy to create SEO-friendly descriptions. By using relevant and captivating images, you can capture your audience’s attention and craft prompts that are more likely to be shared and engaged with.

With Midjourney, you can also add your own text to your prompts and customize them to match your brand’s tone and style. And with the ability to embed prompts on your website and social media channels, you can drive more traffic and engagement to your content.

Overall, Midjourney is a powerful tool for anyone looking to connect with their audience through creative and engaging prompts. So why wait? Sign up today and start creating prompts that resonate with your audience and drive results!

New AI Feature on Midjourney Takes the Guesswork Out of Generative Art

Midjourney, a generative AI design site, has recently launched a new feature called “Describe” that promises to make creating AI art easier and more efficient. With Describe, creators can upload a picture as the basis for their art project, allowing the AI to generate several options for the next picture. This new tool promises to take the guesswork out of generating photos and art and has already shown promising results.

How Does Describe Work?

Describe works like any other Midjourney command, but instead of /imagine, a creator uses /describe. After entering the command, a drag-and-drop box will come up, allowing the creator to upload the picture they want to use as the basis for their creation. Once the image is uploaded, the AI will generate several options for the next picture based on the prompt.

Example: Creating Art Based on an Image of John Whiteside Parsons

For example, Midjourney recently used a famous picture of John Whiteside Parsons, co-founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at CalTech, as the basis for their AI art project. After uploading the image, the AI gave four options to generate the next picture. For this specific project, they chose “an old photograph of a man holding a wire, in the style of gritty Hollywood glamour, synthetist innovator — ar 16:9.”

Midjourney then produced four images based on the prompt. From there, the creators could make variations, upscale, remaster or download the image. This new feature has shown to be particularly effective in generating images that are high quality, unique, and tailored to the creator’s vision.

AI is Learning New Skills

An interesting note is that Midjourney seems to have cured a long-standing problem: the inability to convincingly draw hands. Despite incredible leaps in artificial intelligence, generative AI platforms continue to struggle with creating human hands. However, Midjourney’s AI is starting to learn and improve upon its limitations, showing that AI is capable of improving its own performance through a lack of data.


The new Describe feature on Midjourney promises to take the guesswork out of generating photos and art. Creators can now upload a picture as the basis for their art and let the AI generate several options for the next picture. This innovative tool has enormous potential to revolutionize generative AI design and generate unique art that reflects the creator’s vision.

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