Mintify’s NFT Terminal goes live on Polygon for pro traders

Mintify, a leading provider of blockchain-based solutions, has announced the launch of its NFT Terminal on the Polygon network. The platform offers professional traders access to a vast array of non-fungible token (NFT) trading data and analytics tools. With the NFT Terminal, traders can gain real-time insights into the NFT market and make data-driven investment decisions. Polygon, known for its high-speed and low-cost transactions, provides an ideal environment for the platform’s smooth operation. The launch of the Mintify NFT Terminal on Polygon marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the NFT market, providing professional traders with a robust and user-friendly platform for trading and analysis.

Mintify: A Quick and Powerful Trading Platform for NFTs on Polygon

Mintify is one of the first Pro trading platforms that offer a set of quick, power-packed, and modular features for effective trading and controlling of NFTs. With the growing popularity and acceptance of NFTs, there is a need for solutions like aggregators, marketplaces, and NFT analytics tools to provide a better experience for connecting with NFT ecosystems. And Mintify is here to fulfill that need.

Modular Trading Terminal for NFTs

Mintify is a modular trading terminal for NFTs that has created quick and upgradable tools that can be conveniently incorporated with public marketplaces, private marketplaces, NFT ecosystems, and protocols. The team believes that there is a requirement for such tools to provide a better experience for connecting with NFT ecosystems. Mintify’s customizable interfaces, builder SDK, and API offer a unique approach to NFT trading and analysis.

Benefitting Gaming, Music, PFP, and Metaverse Economies

With Mintify now on Polygon, users can scour hordes of economies with the help of a single user interface. This offers a great advantage for gaming, music, PFP, and metaverse economies on Polygon. Users can trade, analyze, and uncover the various NFT ecosystems that have been created on Polygon with ease.

Polygon Ecosystem Dashboard

Mintify has launched the Polygon Ecosystem Dashboard, which allows users to explore a vast number of NFT economies on Polygon. This research tool offers the ability to appreciate collections, NFT verticals, and whole industries. Users can also control and carry out trading for a collection of NFTs through a sole and customizable interface.

Effective Tools at Users’ Disposal

Mintify offers effective tools for its users to design, share, and utilize modular trading methods for the trading of particular collections and NFT economies. The ability to use these tools offers Mintify users an edge over their competitors by enabling them to trade NFTs strategically.


Mintify is a powerful and quick trading platform for NFTs that offers modular trading tools, customizable interfaces, research and trading opportunities for different NFT ecosystems, and effective tools that help its users trade strategically. By being on Polygon, Mintify offers benefits to many gaming, music, PFP, and metaverse economies on the platform. The launch of the Polygon Ecosystem Dashboard and Mintify’s effective tools are sure to enhance the user experience and provide a better way to connect with NFT ecosystems.

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