Mobile RPG Champions Arena Launches on Gala Games

Champions Arena, the highly anticipated mobile RPG, has officially launched on Gala Games! Immerse yourself in an epic adventure filled with strategy, collectible champions, and intense battles. Explore a vibrant fantasy world, assemble a team of powerful heroes, and compete against players from around the globe in action-packed PvP combat. With stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, and a deep progression system, Champions Arena is set to captivate RPG enthusiasts for hours on end. Join the excitement today and rise to become a true champion!

Gala Games Launches New Turn-Based RPG “Champions Arena” on Mobile and PC

Gala Games, the renowned gaming platform, has recently introduced its latest title called Champions Arena, a turn-based RPG game. This exciting game is now available for both mobile and PC users through the Gala Games Launcher.

In Champions Arena, players have access to a diverse selection of over 100 unique Champions. They can strategically assemble a team of Champions and engage in thrilling battles in various player versus environment (PvE) and real-time player versus player (PvP) challenges. Additionally, players can participate in exciting missions and test their skills to the limit by taking on boss raids.

What sets Champions Arena apart is its utilization of Web3 technology, making it one of the first full-feature mobile games to incorporate non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are utilized in the game to represent the Champions themselves, allowing players to upgrade and customize them as they progress. These NFTs also extend to the game’s Estate and Nexus.

Within Champions Arena, players have the opportunity to own and develop their own guild, known as an Estate. Other players can join and work in these guilds, with Estate owners setting fee rates for participants. The cooperation of guild members is crucial for upgrading the Estate and unlocking new content. Successful guild members can receive Estate rewards as well.

Another unique feature in Champions Arena is the Nexus, which functions as a rental vehicle. Players can rent out their Champions to other players for battles, with rewards distributed among the victorious player, Nexus owner, and NFT Champion owner.

One of the primary concerns of the developers was to make the game accessible to newcomers while leveraging the benefits of NFTs. They aimed to ensure that players could enjoy the game without requiring an NFT hero. Non-NFT heroes are available for players who want to get started immediately. However, if players become attached to their non-NFT hero and wish to unlock the full potential of accumulated progress and upgrades, they have the option to purchase a Minting Scroll to convert the hero into an NFT.

Champions Arena is now accessible on both PC and mobile devices through the Gala Games launcher. The game not only offers impressive graphics and features like crossplay but also provides an engaging gameplay experience for all players. For more information on Champions Arena, visit or join the conversation on Discord @GalaGames.Chat. Stay updated with the latest crypto news by following Gala Games on Twitter at @GoGalaGames.

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