MoonPay CEO: Next Phase of NFT Adoption Will Come From ‘Brands You Love in Your Everyday Life’

MoonPay CEO predicts the next phase of NFT adoption will come from popular brands that people interact with in their daily lives. As the popularity of NFTs skyrocket, more mainstream brands are expected to enter the market with their own unique offerings. MoonPay is a cryptocurrency payment service that offers simple and secure access to various digital assets. With this prediction, MoonPay will continue to innovate and provide support for the growing NFT industry.

MoonPay CEO: NFTs Set to Change Our Daily Lives

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens have created quite a buzz in the world of art and collectibles in recent times, but MoonPay CEO Ivan Soto-Wright believes that the next phase of NFT adoption will come from something much more familiar: “brands you love in your everyday life.”

In a recent interview conducted by Liam Kelly at NFT Paris, Soto-Wright talked about how NFTs are clearly not “waning” and how MoonPay works with well-known brands like Puma and Nike to manage their Web3 plays and smart contracts. He also emphasized that in order for NFTs and crypto to go mainstream, they need to integrate seamlessly into our daily lives.

According to Soto-Wright, this integration will occur through the very brands we interact with regularly. He suggested that “It’s Nike, it’s Apple, it’s Coca Cola, and it’s McDonald’s who are going to make this happen.” In other words, our daily interactions with these brands will make it easier for us to transition to using NFTs and crypto regularly.

Soto-Wright’s prediction is not too far off the mark. Major companies have already started dipping their toes in the NFT world. For example, Coca-Cola recently auctioned off NFTs on OpenSea, and even the NFL has jumped on board with an NFT partnership.

As for MoonPay, the online payment gateway sees itself as a facilitator of this transition. Its services enable users to buy cryptocurrency and manage smart contracts effortlessly. With integrations with various platforms and brands, MoonPay aims to make the transition to crypto as smooth as possible.

In conclusion, NFTs are set to change the way we interact with the world around us. As they become more ubiquitous in our daily lives, they will be increasingly adopted by the mainstream. MoonPay is playing a crucial role in making this transition seamless and convenient, as they work with some of the most well-known brands to facilitate the integration of NFTs and crypto into our everyday lives.

– Brands You Love In Your Everyday Life Will Drive NFT Adoption, Says MoonPay CEO
– NFTs & Crypto Will Go Mainstream With Integration Of Brands We Interact Regularly

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