More Than 80 Crypto Firms Plan to Launch In Hong Kong, Financial Secretary

Over 80 cryptocurrency companies are planning to launch in Hong Kong, according to the Financial Secretary. This is due to the city’s pro-blockchain stance and attractive regulatory environment. The influx of these firms is anticipated to create new job opportunities and boost the local economy. Hong Kong is positioning itself as a global hub for fintech and blockchain innovation, with a growing number of blockchain-related projects underway.

Hong Kong Cryptocurrency Industry Interests Over 80 Global Companies

The cryptocurrency industry in Hong Kong has been growing steadily and has attracted several crypto-related firms that want to expand their business in the region. The Financial Secretary of Hong Kong has announced that more than 80 virtual asset companies are interested in establishing a presence in the city. The Hong Kong government aims to create an environment that will position the city as a leading hub for crypto and Web3 interactions.

Hong Kong’s Crypto Policy

The Hong Kong government introduced the Virtual Asset Development Policy in October 2022, which has paved the way for companies seeking to expand their business in the city. Blockchain infrastructure, blockchain network security, and virtual asset exchanges are among the types of companies that have expressed their interest in establishing their business in Hong Kong. Many of these firms are keen on understanding the regulatory and visa requirements for talent admission, as well as the implementation details of the policy and support measures for the crypto and Web3 sectors in the city.

Licensing Regime for Virtual Assets

Hong Kong is moving towards a licensing regime for virtual asset service providers in June 2023. This move aims at setting up a robust and transparent regulatory system for the crypto sector, which could result in more profitability for the city and attract quality companies to establish businesses in Hong Kong. The Securities and Futures Commission is inviting submissions for feedback on the licensing regime and is expected to conclude the consultation process by March 31.

Hong Kong’s Support for Web3

The Hong Kong government is committed to supporting the development of Web3 technology and is positioning the city as a leading hub for Web3 within Asia and worldwide. The government has shown its commitment by launching an online community platform to help fintech startups grow their business to other regions in the country and beyond. With over 800 fintech firms providing innovative financial services for the public, Hong Kong has a robust fintech ecosystem.


Hong Kong’s crypto industry has been expanding steadily, with over 80 global companies interested in establishing a presence in the city. With a comprehensive and transparent regulatory system in place, Hong Kong could become a profitable hub for crypto and Web3 companies. The Hong Kong government’s commitment to supporting the development of Web3 technology in the city is also reassuring for businesses looking to expand their operations in the region.

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