Mythical Games to deliver Mythos ecosystem on Polkadot

Mythical Games, a leading blockchain gaming company, has unveiled its plans to launch the Mythos ecosystem on Polkadot, a highly scalable network for cross-chain interoperability. This move is set to revolutionize the gaming industry by providing gamers with a seamless experience for buying, selling, and trading in-game items. The Mythos ecosystem is built on a decentralized infrastructure, based on the Polkadot blockchain, providing unprecedented security, reliability, and efficiency in gaming transactions. With the launch of Mythos on Polkadot, gamers will be able to connect to a broader gaming community, leverage cross-chain interaction, and experience faster transaction speeds. It is a significant milestone in the gaming industry, marking the next step in the evolution of blockchain gaming.

Mythical Games Chooses Polkadot for Its New Mythos Ecosystem: A Revolutionary Change in the Gaming Arena

Mythical Games is a top gaming blockchain company that is ranked fourth on the list of overall blockchains globally. However, the entity has decided to shift from Ethereum and is all set to deliver its new Mythos ecosystem on Polkadot. This strategic move will make it possible for all its gaming associates to create their own chains and build the largest and most accessible gaming ecosystem in Web3 all over the world.

According to John Linden, Founder and CEO of Mythical Games, the prime reason behind their decision to shift from Ethereum is its slow transaction speed. The entity requires to create a security and governance framework that is interoperable for its various gaming associates in the Mythos ecosystem. After much deliberation, they finally decided to move to Polkadot, due to its innovation, security, and governance factors. This move is expected to be highly beneficial to everyone involved.

The CEO of Parity Technologies, Bjorn Wagner, is entirely supportive of Mythical Games joining the Polkadot network. He believes it will open the doors for a wide range of projects to build their own ecosystems with governance and a treasury. As part of Mythical Games’ plans, they intend to onboard additional AAA gaming organizations and gamers into the Mythos ecosystem. Incidentally, the entity is a top functionary in the Polkadot network, and the collaboration will benefit both parties.

Mythical Games was established in 2018, and it has been involved in all-inclusive games like Blankos Block Party and Nitro Nation. The entity carries out over 3.2 million on-chain gaming transactions in just one month. It is also credited with three million digital asset transactions every month, as well as 200,000 active wallets, which makes usage of a conventional million MYTH tokens in a single day for gaming transactions.

In the opinion of Mark Cachia, Founder and CIO of ScytaleDigital, the Mythical Games choosing Polkadot is revolutionary for the gaming arena. Mythical Games is a new-age games technology organization that builds a Web3 gaming ecosystem. It utilizes blockchain technology and playable NFTs as tools, enabling gamers, creators, and artists to play the role of stakeholders and take ownership. Moreover, they are actively involved in creating unique games and have formed various affiliates.

ScytaleDigital is a digital asset manager that aims to provide blockchain solutions and invest in projects that are creating real-world solutions through various Web3 ecosystems. At present, the entity has successfully invested in fifteen projects ranging from gaming, music, legal tech, security, blockchain and metaverse frameworks, and much more.

In conclusion, this strategic alliance between Mythical Games and Polkadot is a game-changer for the gaming industry. It showcases the power of blockchain technology to enable gaming ecosystems that are accessible to everyone globally. With innovative minds working together, it is bound to create more footprints in the Web3 gaming industry, leading to a future that is more promising and exciting for all stakeholders.

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