NFL Rivals NFT Mobile Game Launches, Plans Move to Polkadot

NFL Rivals, a mobile game that leverages blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has officially launched. The game allows players to collect, trade, and use NFTs featuring some of the biggest names in the National Football League (NFL). The developers of NFL Rivals have also announced plans to move the game from its current platform to Polkadot, a highly scalable blockchain network. This move is expected to enhance the game’s functionality, interoperability, and overall user experience. With the growing popularity of NFTs and blockchain-based gaming, NFL Rivals is poised to become a leading player in this exciting new market.

GG’s Web3 Gaming Power-Up: NFL Rivals, now with NFTs

GG, a game development company, has launched NFL Rivals, an officially licensed mobile game that incorporates NFTs. Players can enjoy a fantasy football game where they act as team GMs, make plays and try to defeat their opponents in the game. Users can play for free, but they also have the ability to buy, sell, and trade individual game characters (NFL players) as NFTs via Mythical’s online marketplace, which is licensed for all NFL characters and teams. NFTs prices are associated with each player’s rarity level, and users can grab legendary character NFTs with prices exceeding tens of thousands of dollars.

NFL Rivals designed for Gen Z

The game targets the Gen Z audience with a fast-paced art style and gameplay. Mythical CEO John Linden explained in an interview with Decrypt that NFL Rivals was built for a younger audience that embraces digital assets. In March, during the Game Developers Conference, he announced that the game was designed with faster gameplay, fun and Web3 core principles in mind. NFL Rivals brought in 150,000 players during its beta, and Mythical aims to make it available for up to 10 million players this year.

GG takes on the Polkadot platform

The high prediction of 10 million players this year and future plans necessitate a more capable infrastructure. Hence, GG decided to move its game platform from its own private Ethereum-compatible network to Polkadot. Mythical Games will have its “parachain” on Polkadot, called the “Mythos Superchain” to handle mainstream-sized gaming audiences. The platform will help incorporate the game’s features without negatively impacting gamers’ experiences.

Potential for Web3 gaming

The use of real-world assets like NFL players in digital gaming demonstrates how Web3 can unlock unprecedented interoperability for gaming. The close relationship between GG and Apple and Google has made it easier to integrate the game without negative views of Web3 gaming. The game’s popularity demonstrates potential for more games to be launched on Web3 platforms, and other platforms may enter the market.

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