NFT Collector Gmoney: ‘Marketplaces Have Nothing to Trade Without Creators’

In a recent interview, NFT collector Gmoney emphasized the crucial role that creators play in the success of NFT marketplaces. He pointed out that without creators, these marketplaces would have nothing to trade. Gmoney’s insights highlight the importance of supporting and empowering creators in the NFT ecosystem. As the NFT market continues to evolve, creators will remain a critical component in its growth and sustainability.

Title 1: NFT Collector Gmoney Talks Web3 Luxury Brand 9dcc and Creator Royalty Fees
Title 2: The Future of NFT Marketplaces According to Collector Gmoney

NFTs have been taking the world by storm lately. From digital art to video games, non-fungible tokens have become the new way of monetizing digital assets. But who are the people behind these NFTs? One of them is Gmoney, a pseudonymous NFT collector who spoke to Decrypt’s Dan Roberts at NFT Paris.

Gmoney is the founder of the Web3 luxury brand 9dcc, which stands for “9 digit crypto club.” The brand sells limited edition NFTs and luxury merchandise to its members. According to Gmoney, 9dcc is a way to bring together like-minded individuals who share the same passion for NFTs and crypto.

When asked about big brands entering the NFT space, Gmoney has mixed feelings. On one hand, he believes it’s a validation of the technology and a way to bring more mainstream attention to NFTs. On the other hand, he worries that big brands could overshadow the creators who have been driving the NFT market.

Speaking of creators, the debate over creator royalty fees has been a hot topic in the NFT space. Some argue that creators should receive a percentage of the resale value of their NFTs, while others believe that NFTs should be treated like any other asset where the creator only gets paid once.

Gmoney sides with the former. He believes that without creators, NFT marketplaces have nothing to trade. Royalty fees incentivize creators to continue making NFTs and drive innovation in the space. Gmoney also sees a future where creators have more control over their NFTs, such as being able to dictate how many editions of their NFTs are sold.

As for the future of NFT marketplaces, Gmoney sees it becoming more decentralized. He believes that marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible will continue to grow, but there will also be smaller, more niche marketplaces that focus on specific genres or types of NFTs. He also sees the potential for fractional ownership of NFTs, where multiple people can own a piece of an NFT and share in its profits.

In conclusion, Gmoney is optimistic about the future of NFTs and believes that the technology has the potential to change the way we think about ownership and value. As more people enter the space, it’s important to remember the creators who have been driving the market and ensure that they are fairly compensated for their work.

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