Nissan steers into Metaverse and NFT by filing 4 new trademarks

Nissan is diving into the Metaverse and NFT space by filing four new trademarks, signaling its readiness to embrace the latest technology trends. As a leading automobile manufacturer, Nissan is exploring novel ways to leverage the emerging Metaverse and NFT platforms to enhance its brand visibility and engage with customers in innovative ways. The newly filed trademarks cover a range of areas, including virtual currency, cryptocurrency, digital identities, and blockchain. With this move, Nissan aims to stay ahead of the curve, tap into new revenue streams, and capture a share of the fast-growing NFT and Metaverse markets.

Nissan recently filed trademark applications for INFINITY, NISMO, and NISSAN, indicating their plans to introduce virtual goods such as clothing, headgear, trading cards, toys, tickets, and cars. Accompanying this is a virtual store and NFT marketplace, with emphasis on metaverse advertising in online videos, images, and artwork, as well as audio, sounds, and music. U.S. Trademark and Intellectual Property lawyer, Michael Kondoudis, tweeted about this move.

Similarly, after Fiat and KIA Motors’ ChatGPT, Nissan launched its metaverse-focused experiment called Nissan Hype Hub, which will allow people to buy cars through virtual environments. Nissan Hype Lab is another component of this venture with avatars, virtual assistants, and the ability to access the website through a PC or smartphone.

Nissan joined other car manufacturers like General Motors, Ford, and Mercedes Benz in filing for trademarks related to Web3 products and NFTs, indicating the presence and growth of the metaverse.

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