OpenSea Pro Retaliates Blur’s Dominance in NFT Market: Data

OpenSea Pro, one of the leading NFT marketplaces, is giving tough competition to Blur, which has been dominating the NFT market for quite some time. According to recent data, OpenSea Pro has witnessed a surge in the number of transactions and daily active users, hinting towards its growing popularity in the NFT world. With its user-friendly interface and diverse range of NFT collections, OpenSea Pro is proving to be a preferred choice for both creators and collectors. As the demand for NFTs continues to rise, OpenSea Pro’s steady growth and presence in the market is a positive sign for those looking to invest in the future of digital assets.

OpenSea Pro Surpasses Blur as the Leading NFT Marketplace for Active Traders

OpenSea Pro, a rebranded version of OpenSea, has overtaken Blur as the top NFT marketplace for active traders. Blur has been chipping away at OpenSea’s market share since its launch in October 2022. However, OpenSea Pro’s counteroffensive has proved successful, with daily transaction counts surpassing Blur’s.

According to Delphi Digital’s analysis, traders on OpenSea Pro have conducted more transactions than on Blur. The launch of OpenSea Pro, which offers zero fees for a promotional period and advanced order types, was highly tactical and helped the platform to surpass Blur.

Moreover, pro traders are looking to benefit from new NFT rewards as they anticipate higher opportunity costs. A potential airdrop is another factor catalyzing this trend by enticing new users. In contrast, Blur’s bidding and listing incentives have become relatively saturated, and it has become difficult to earn points, despite 2x multiplier incentives that last through May 1.

The shift in the NFT landscape can be attributed to OpenSea Pro’s rise to prominence. In just six months, Blur managed to dethrone former market leader OpenSea, but with OpenSea Pro’s release, Blu’s market share shrunk from 49.3% to 27.9% this month.

As Blur’s incentives taper off over time, OpenSea Pro is expected to see higher transaction activity.

In Q1 2023, a majority of NFT trading volume originated from Blur, but thanks to OpenSea Pro, there appears to be a rapid shift in the NFT landscape. The new polished and zero-fee NFT aggregator is currently leading the pack and is poised to strengthen its market position in the coming months.

In conclusion, OpenSea Pro is now the top choice for active NFT traders, offering zero fees, advanced order types, and attractive rewards, making it an excellent platform for those looking to take their NFT trading to the next level.

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