Papa Johns partner with OneRare to launch 1st NFT Foodverse

Papa John’s, the popular pizza chain, has partnered with OneRare, a blockchain-based company, to launch the 1st NFT Foodverse. This marks a significant step towards bridging the gap between the food industry and the world of NFTs. The NFT Foodverse features unique and one-of-a-kind digital assets that represent various Papa John’s menu items, including pizzas and sides. Each of these assets will be individually certified and marked on the blockchain, making them completely unique and verifiable. This partnership is not only exciting for customers but also for collectors and investors as they will have the opportunity to own a unique piece of Papa John’s digital history. With this initiative, Papa John’s aims to create a new way of engaging with their customers and a new revenue stream for the brand. The launch of the NFT Foodverse is a bold step that showcases Papa John’s innovative approach towards technology and its commitment to create new, meaningful experiences for its patrons.

Papa Johns Goes Digital with its Delicious Pizzas in the Metaverse

Papa Johns is set to take the virtual world by storm with the launch of its Metaverse space, developed in partnership with OneRare. The world-renowned pizza chain has gone digital, enabling players to collect core elements of their favorite pizzas and use them to create their own pizza masterpieces within the Metaverse.

As part of their commitment to innovation, Papa Johns plans to take things to the next level by allowing players to use digital collectibles to purchase real-life pizzas in the not-too-distant future.

The partnership between Papa Johns and OneRare, which originated in the UAE, will be accessible to players worldwide. The Metaverse space of Papa Johns will be constructed over Polygon, leveraging the secure and economical operations to be passed on to the community.

Papa Johns has exclusively launched three pizzas in its digital world, namely the Spicy Chicken Ranch Pizza, Super Papas Pizza, and Vegan Sheese Garden Special Pizza. Each has multiple copies for players to collect and earn rewards through their digital collectibles immediately.

Papa Johns aims to target the next generation of tech-savvy customers who crave cutting-edge experiences. Tapa Vaidya, the CEO of Papa Johns for the UAE region, expressed his commitment to exploring innovative technologies like Web3 and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Papa Johns is committed to being at the forefront of the industry, as it positions its brand to capture the attention and loyalty of the next generation of customers.

Founder of OneRare, Supreet Raju, said that holders of NFTs would one day be able to swap their collections for real meals at the restaurants. He is also committed to introducing more perks in the future for the community.

Access to digital collectibles of Papa Johns can be done by Signing In or Signing Up at OneRare, eliminating long sign-up forms. As the first global pizza brand to partner with OneRare, Papa Johns has firmly established itself as a new contender in the Metaverse space, tapping into the digital segment and connecting with customers to provide rewards that can be utilized in real life.

As brands continue to develop experiences in the Metaverse to reach a wider audience, it is no wonder that Papa Johns has joined Starbucks, another company that has established a strong presence in the Metaverse space. With the world becoming more digitized, brands will need to adapt and evolve to create more innovative ways of staying relevant and ahead of the game.

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