Polkadot’s Github developer community hit ATH activity levels in Q3’22

Polkadot, the interoperable blockchain protocol, has seen a surge in developer activity on its Github platform during Q3’22. The community of developers working on the platform has hit an all-time high in terms of activity, indicating an increasing interest in Polkadot’s technology. This is good news for the project as it highlights the growing demand for its blockchain architecture, which is designed for scaling, interoperability, and security. With this level of developer engagement, Polkadot’s ecosystem is poised for further growth, innovation, and adoption in the coming months and years.

Polkadot’s Developer Community Still an Industry Leader

Polkadot’s (DOT) developer community on GitHub may be tapering, but it remains an industry leader. Proof of Github, a Twitter account that has been tracking developer activity since the DeFi summer of July 2020, highlighted the daily development activity of Polkadot on March 22. Despite the tapering rate of growth, the platform’s developer activity remains high, indicating promising prospects for its future development, adoption, and overall success.

Polkadot achieved an all-time high in developer activity during Q3 of 2022, as measured by GitHub commitments. This impressive growth was also highlighted in the Electric Capital Developer (ECD) report, which revealed that Polkadot’s developer community had expanded from less than 200 in 2018 to over 2,000 presently, making it the second-largest community with 764 full-time developers. Remarkably, Polkadot achieved the milestone of 200 full-time developers in just 2.2 years, making it the fastest ecosystem to reach this target compared to the average of over four years.

Despite the impressive growth, Polkadot’s total number of developers only increased by 2% by the end of 2022, indicating a slowing, tapering rate of growth. Nevertheless, the platform remains an industry leader and continues to attract developers and investors alike.

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