Public testnet of Arbitrum Stylus goes live

The public testnet of Arbitrum Stylus, a highly anticipated Layer 2 scaling solution, has recently been launched. This innovative technology aims to address the scalability issues of Ethereum by providing a faster and more cost-efficient ecosystem. With its user-friendly features and compatibility with existing Ethereum smart contracts, Arbitrum Stylus promises to revolutionize the blockchain industry. Stay ahead of the curve and explore the benefits of this cutting-edge public testnet, helping you optimize your online presence in a more efficient and affordable manner.

The Launch of Arbitrum Stylus: Empowering Developers with Multiple Programming Languages on the Blockchain

Unlocking New Possibilities with Arbitrum Stylus

Arbitrum Stylus has recently gone live as a public testnet, providing developers and creators with an opportunity to explore the open-source SDK and unleash their creativity. This groundbreaking development introduces the ability to craft smart contracts in various programming languages, including C, Rust, and C++, thanks to the integration of the EVM and WASM. Unlike before, developers are no longer restricted to specific blockchains based on the language they prefer.

While this enhancement expands the ecosystem and invites millions of developers to participate, it’s essential to highlight that the fundamentals of the EVM-backed mechanism remain unchanged. The introduction of WASM through Arbitrum Stylus, dubbed as EVM+, signifies the incorporation of the best features from EVM and WASM. This integration facilitates a seamless transition while broadening the range of possibilities for developers.

One of the key advantages of Arbitrum Stylus, as noted in the announcement, is its speed of execution and the potential for new use cases. Developers can quickly obtain feedback and access updates through the Discord channel dedicated to Arbitrum Stylus.

The introduction of Arbitrum Stylus caters to the diverse needs of developers, benefiting Solidity developers with economical computing and offering familiarity with the Rust environment to blockchain developers.

Key Features of Arbitrum Stylus

  • Freedom to choose the preferred programming language
  • Ability to use the programming language of choice on any blockchain
  • Interoperability between WASM programs and Solidity contracts
  • Improved computing speed by 10x and memory by more than 100x
  • Deployment of new use cases, including cryptography libraries and compute-heavy AI models

Arbitrum Stylus distinguishes itself in the market by retaining the maturity, scalability, and security of the Arbitrum platform. It benefits from a vibrant community of developers and partners, with existing libraries that allow developers to focus on innovation rather than writing code from scratch. By leveraging these libraries, developers can customize existing code to suit their specific needs and dive into building groundbreaking applications and solutions.

Engage with Arbitrum Stylus

Arbitrum Stylus invites the community to participate in the Stylus Hackathon, offering a generous bounty reward of $20,000. The hackathon, scheduled from September 22, 2023, to September 24, 2023, at ETHGlobal, NY, provides an opportunity to interact directly with the team behind Arbitrum Stylus. Whether in the form of personal interactions or panel discussions, developers can engage with the experts and gain insights into the development process.

In addition, Arbitrum Stylus has scheduled an Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session on September 07, 2023, on their official YouTube channel. To ensure the security of contracts, Stylus source code audits will be conducted by Trail of Bits, shedding light on potential vulnerabilities. Furthermore, the DAO will have the opportunity to cast its vote in favor of upgrading Stylus support.

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