Qui Zhou announces the approval of a new URL against http://

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The times they are a-changin’, and a decentralized URL called Web3:// may soon take the place of http://. Qui Zhou, the founder of the new URL, announced that Web3 has been approved by EIP editors and is set to launch, giving users access to data on EVM in the form of pages, images, and songs.

This launch is expected to benefit various applications designed for the Web3 sphere, including dynamic NFT, hostless wallet, and on-chain music NFT. More information about the development will be shared by Qui Zhou during the EthDenver AW event in Denver on Saturday at 10:30 am.

Web3:// is designed to provide access to human users to data on EVM, a technical aspect that Zhou finds interesting. Although Web3:// mitigates central censorship, it still relies on central servers to operate. The standard has been named “Web3 URL to EVM Call Message Translation” and was first proposed in February of last year.

Referred to as an HTTP-style URL, Web3:// will allow direct access to on-chain Web3 content like NFTs and decentralized applications. The mainnet was finalized on March 01, 2023.

It is important to note that the development comes with a high cost in terms of storage. Zhou explained that storage cost is a critical issue on Ethereum as it is very expensive; 1 Gigabyte of data on-chain costs approximately $10 million, and so do other storage spaces.

Xiang, a co-author of the new URL, has said that it should only be used by select applications. Xiang added that if a business is running seamlessly on Web2 and has nothing to worry about in terms of censorship, then it can stick to its current model of operation.

dApps like Tornado that risk censorship may find Web3:// more useful. There is a natural speculation that the new URL will be misused by malicious players in the market. Xiang justified this by saying that BTC was never created with bad intentions, but it was used for other purposes using Silk Route and other methods. This means that shady things will happen no matter what. The best a platform can do is evolve to resolve the issue for a secure environment.

Users will have the feature of leaving comments and interacting with other users by liking their posts. This is the initial phase of http:// in a decentralized version. It will be able to interact with other blockchains easily, leaving http:// behind in some of the core areas.

Web3:// requires the internet to advance in every possible way. dApps and NFTs will evolve in an environment that commits to bringing out the best in them.

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