RabbitHole introduces new on-chain reputation system ETH Earned

RabbitHole, a leading blockchain-based gaming platform, has unveiled its revolutionary on-chain reputation system, ETH Earned. This innovative system not only enhances the user experience but also rewards users with ether (ETH) for completing tasks and achieving milestones in various gaming activities. By merging the power of blockchain technology and gamification, RabbitHole’s ETH Earned ensures that users have the most transparent and credible on-chain reputation in the gaming industry. This new system is a significant step towards creating a more equitable and rewarding gaming ecosystem.

RabbitHole Introduces New On-Chain Reputation System: ETH Earned

RabbitHole, a blockchain company, has launched its latest on-chain reputation system, ETH Earned, as a way of rewarding network participation. By encouraging users to complete quests and earn a high ETH Earned score, RabbitHole has found a way to incentivize participation as strong investments.

The system’s key feature is its ability to calculate a participant’s score fairly, regardless of token price fluctuations. Users can track their score on the Rewards Page of their account.

ETH Earned boasts numerous benefits for users, including:

– Sybil-Resistance: Users with a high ETH Earned score, their wallet becomes more resistant to Sybil breaches.
– Quest Eligibility: In the future, the ETH Earned score will determine eligibility for particular quests, ensuring that the user possesses the required knowledge and experience to undertake complicated tasks.
– Exclusive Platform Access: High-scoring users can gain exclusive access to communities and platforms across the crypto circuit.
– Scoring Wallets: ETH Earned accounts for the balance and users’ active contributions to the network, introducing a new way of scoring wallets.
– Token Airdrops: In the future, projects may decide to reward users based on their ETH Earned score, benefiting users that show a strong commitment to the network.
– Governance Capabilities: Decentralized organizations can potentially assess ETH Earned score to allot governance weight.
– Incentivize Learning: By rewarding users for their participation, projects can foster an engaged and informed community.

RabbitHole aims to make on-chain contributions users’ first priority and believes that a sustainable crypto network relies on fair token distribution. With the introduction of ETH Earned, RabbitHole has taken the first step towards this goal.

In conclusion, RabbitHole’s new ETH Earned system has brought much-needed innovation to the blockchain industry. By rewarding users for their active participation, RabbitHole is working towards building a more informed and engaged community in the crypto ecosystem. ETH Earned offers numerous benefits to users, including exclusive access, token airdrops, governance capabilities, and more. It remains to be seen how much impact ETH Earned will have on the blockchain industry, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

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