Radiant Capital to soon transition from V1 to V2

Radiant Capital, a leading investment platform, has announced that it will soon be transitioning from V1 to V2. The move is expected to offer users an upgraded experience, with improved features and functionalities. With this transition, users can expect quicker response times, enhanced security measures, and a more streamlined platform. Additionally, the upgrade will allow Radiant Capital to expand its services and offerings, providing users with more diverse investment options. Stay tuned for the official launch of V2, and experience the next level of investment technology with Radiant Capital.

Radiant Capital has announced its upcoming transition from V1 to V2, which will allow the venture to onboard another hundred million users to the DeFi market. Decentralized Finance is aiming to build a reputation for sustainability and a larger user base will assist in achieving this goal. However, the launch date for Radiant V2 has not yet been shared.

Radiant transitioning to V2 will enable the DeFi sphere to have an omnichain money market. This development is due to the votes received in the governance proposals REP-3 to REP-8. The migration process has been ongoing for several months to ensure a smooth transition. Radiant is yet to announce the exact date and time but has assured that the process will be seamless. The transition to V2 will take $RDNT to LayerZero Labs, providing liquidity fragmentation reduction, lower finality risk, and less exposure to stacked smart contracts.

On the day of migration, emissions for V1 will cease, and emissions for V2 will begin. Users will be required to make deposits to V2 contracts. The Migration Wizard will assist users during the migration process, including claiming rewards, moving deposits to the V2 lending pool, unwinding liquidity for RDNT/ETH and migrating $RDNT to OFT in a 1:1 ratio.

The safety of Radiant V2 has been audited by Zokyo and PeckShield Inc. A third-party audit is also near completion. The 24/7 security system is being monitored by OpenZepplin Defender, ensuring a team responds immediately to any potential attacks.

The roadmap shows Radiant expanding to the BNB Chain and sharing more information about the V1 – V2 migration process. The Migration Wizard will assist users based on where they hold their $RDNT tokens. Holding tokens in a wallet will have basic instructions, while centralized exchanges have been informed about the migration and equipped with tools to swap directly through the Migration Portal. Decentralized exchanges will remove liquidity for the token and deploy it on RDNT V2, and the Migration Wizard will help users unwind their Sushi LP positions. RDNT accrued as a part of someone’s protocol will be eligible for claiming Platform Fees with a single click.

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