Rich Dad, Poor Dad Author Explains Why He Loves Bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the bestselling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” is a vocal advocate for Bitcoin. In his recent interviews, Kiyosaki explains why he loves Bitcoin, stating that it is a hedge against inflation and a way to protect one’s wealth from government intervention. He also praises Bitcoin’s decentralized nature and its ability to serve as a “people’s currency.” Kiyosaki’s endorsement may be seen as a positive sign for the cryptocurrency industry, which continues to gain mainstream acceptance despite criticism from some traditional financial institutions.

Robert Kiyosaki: Bitcoin Survived And Thrived Thanks To Its Decentralized Nature

Robert Kiyosaki, an American businessman, investor, author, and motivational speaker, recently praised the resilience of Bitcoin and its decentralized nature. According to Kiyosaki, the success of Bitcoin is primarily due to the fact that it is not reliant on the Federal Reserve Board or the US government for support.

Kiyosaki watched Bitcoin climb to $20,000 and subsequently drop below $4,000 several years ago, but he noted that he purchased more of the asset when it climbed to $6,000. As a strong advocate for financial education, Kiyosaki emphasized the importance of understanding the potential of Bitcoin and its role in the future of finance.

Kiyosaki believes that Bitcoin, gold, and silver are akin and continues to encourage people to acquire more in preparation for an inevitable market crash on the US dollar. He intends to increase his exposure to the digital asset and precious metals.

Kiyosaki also believes that Bitcoin is the only worthwhile investment among cryptocurrencies since it is acknowledged as a commodity, unlike most alternative coins (altcoins) considered as securities. Once US regulators classify them as securities, the watchdogs will go hard on them.

Kiyosaki predicts that Bitcoin will be worth $100,000 soon as he had previously predicted in February that by 2025, the leading cryptocurrency would be worth $500,000 while gold and silver would trade at $5,000 and $500, respectively.

In conclusion, with Robert Kiyosaki’s endorsement of Bitcoin, it is clear that the digital currency is here to stay, and its decentralized nature has proven to be a significant factor in its adoption and success. Therefore, people should prepare for the future and acquire Bitcoin, gold, and silver as a hedge against the inevitable market crashes.

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