SafeTech extends support to VechainThor Blockchain

SafeTech, the leading blockchain security firm, has announced its support for the VeChainThor Blockchain. The move signals SafeTech’s commitment to providing world-class security solutions to the rapidly growing blockchain ecosystem. With its advanced technology and expert team of security professionals, SafeTech is poised to help strengthen the security of VeChainThor Blockchain and protect against cyber threats. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the development of secure and robust blockchain infrastructure and paves the way for safer and more reliable blockchain operations. SafeTech’s support for VeChainThor Blockchain further cements its position as the go-to provider for blockchain security solutions.

VeChain Foundation has recently partnered with SafeTech to bring a significant improvement to their blockchain infrastructure. In a recent blog post, VeChain announced that it has deployed Thor Mainnet Node Clusters in partnership with SafeTech. The deployment will take place across Europe and the United States of America, further increasing the resilience of the public blockchain. The move is in line with VeChain Foundation’s vision of embracing the upcoming decentralized and Web3 infrastructure building.

The partnership’s focus is on three core components, namely Safe Infrastructure, Diverse Application Builders, and Collaboration. Safe Infrastructure is an aspect that SafeTech has mastered over the years, evident from its offerings such as Web3 API gateway, development of decentralized applications and blockchain, security engineering, and architecting hardware infrastructure. Combining all of these offerings serves a great deal in transforming business operations.

The deployment of three sets of clusters in the US and Europe has come in handy in two ways. Firstly, it has increased the reliability of infrastructures like VeWorld Web Wallet, and secondly, it has increased the diversity of mainnet access points. The second point, in particular, helps developers seek diversity in the mainnet access points for a seamless experience. The partnership’s mission is to ensure that the users of VechainThor public blockchain have a smooth experience in all circumstances.

SafeTech Labs extends beyond working for VeChain, housing many application builders and projects to make a strong case in its favor. Inheriti, SafeSwap, and SafeKey are some examples of these projects, varying in terms of what they offer and the way they function. Inheriti is a platform known for being a hundred percent decentralized backup and inheritance platform. SafeSwap enables cross-chain capabilities for digital assets to move across Vecahin and other blockchains on the network. SafeKey provides a secure experience for users to safely log into their accounts and store passwords.

Collaboration is a key aspect for SafeTech to build on the foundational grounds and unfold the next era of blockchain and decentralized technologies. VeChain, in the blog post, has said that it is looking forward to working with SafeTech Labs. It has also kept the doors open for other companies to enter the ecosystem and start building the future of the blockchain.

VeChain’s headquarters are located in San Marino, Europe, and the company is credited with the creation of VechainThor, a smart contract packed with potential for real-world adoption when it comes to blockchain technology. SafeTech mainly focuses on DTL, short for Distributed Ledger Technology and Security Engineering, delivering services in blockchain and custom development to drive practical transformation for business partners.

In conclusion, VeChain’s partnership with SafeTech comes packed with benefits that developers, and thereby the community, can avail. It is a significant step towards a more decentralized and Web3 infrastructure building.

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