SeaShrine forms a partnership with MSafe

SeaShrine, a leading provider of high-quality marine safety equipment, is thrilled to announce its new partnership with MSafe, a trusted name in the safety industry. This exciting collaboration will allow SeaShrine to expand its product offerings and provide even more comprehensive safety solutions to customers worldwide. MSafe’s expertise in safety products and services will complement SeaShrine’s existing portfolio, enabling both companies to provide the highest level of safety and security to their clients. With this partnership, customers can expect a wider selection of top-rated safety products, as well as expert guidance and support from two of the most trusted names in the industry. Stay safe and secure on the water with SeaShrine and MSafe.

SeaShrine and MSafe Form Exclusive Partnership to Enhance the Aptos Community’s Digital Asset Management

SeaShrine, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that gamifies staking, announced its partnership with MSafe, a non-custodial digital asset management application built on Move, to provide secure wallet-as-a-service to Aptos DeFi users. As part of this partnership, they’ll be offering a unique Mythical Dragon NFT as an exclusive reward.

MSafe is a powerful solution that connects users with Aptos DeFi to hold, send, and receive digital assets. It also provides an all-inclusive dashboard that allows users to connect with decentralized applications for staking, lending, and yield farming, among others. MSafe’s multi-sig feature adds an extra layer of security by requiring multiple users to sign off on one wallet transaction. As it’s non-custodial, MSafe maintains the decentralization aspect, giving the user full control of their assets without relying on any central authority.

To celebrate the partnership, SeaShrine and MSafe came up with a well-defined Mystic Dragon art form that features the MSafe Dragon wearing the company’s branded shirt and headphones. This entirely unique design is a touch-up version from the Mystic Dragon collection. Collectors can only mint the Dragon NFT by linking their MSafe wallets to the SeaShrine marketplace. The reward is exclusively for MSafe wallet users only.

In the coming months, MSafe will release its first-party asset management dashboard, allowing users to connect safely and conveniently with more decentralized applications.

The partnership between SeaShrine and MSafe aims to create a more vibrant ecosystem that thrives on innovation, safety, and quality. By leveraging the expertise and strengths of both entities, users can expect a more personalized digital experience that values security and efficiency.


The partnership between SeaShrine and MSafe marks an important milestone for Aptos DeFi’s ecosystem. With the introduction of MSafe’s non-custodial solutions, users can actively participate in DeFi activities without relying on any centralized authority. With SeaShrine’s gaming element incorporated into DeFi, it will attract more users to explore the limitless possibilities of Decentralized Finance.

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