Serenity Shield Champions Blockchain’s Role in Telecom at G20 Pre-Event

During a G20 Pre-Event, Serenity Shield Champions highlighted the significant role that blockchain technology plays in the telecom industry. The event focused on discussing the various applications and benefits that blockchain brings to the telecom sector. Serenity Shield Champions emphasized how blockchain enhances security, reduces costs, improves transparency, and enables efficient management of telecom networks. This SEO friendly description emphasizes the importance of blockchain in telecom and the insights shared by Serenity Shield Champions at the G20 Pre-Event.

[PRESS RELEASE – New Delhi, India, September 10th, 2023]

Exploring Blockchain’s Potential in Revolutionizing Public Utilities: Highlights from the Transformative Conference

The Constitution Club of India, New Delhi, was abuzz with innovation and insights on September 1, 2023, as industry leaders convened for a transformative conference on blockchain’s potential in revolutionizing public utilities, especially within the telecoms sector. This event, which precedes the G20 summit in India, served as a significant platform for exploring blockchain’s transformative potential across various industries. With substantial media attention garnered from prominent outlets, the conference attracted esteemed experts, leaders, and enthusiasts from diverse sectors.

Keynote Address by Venket Naga, CEO of Serenity Shield

One of the highlights of the conference was the keynote speech by Venket Naga, CEO of Serenity Shield. Naga emphasized the potential role of Web 3 and blockchain in enhancing data security in telecommunications. He underscored Serenity Shield’s dedication to blockchain technology and data security solutions, empowering organizations to harness blockchain’s potential while ensuring data integrity and privacy.

Recognition of Shri Pradeep Gandhi and Dr. Satya Narain Gupta

The conference also recognized the significant contributions of Shri Pradeep Gandhi, Ex MP, Rajnandgaon, Chattisgarh. His discussions on the white paper “Gyanvahini” and his message of “Vasudev Kutumbkam” highlighted the importance of global collaboration.

Furthermore, Dr. Satya Narain Gupta, Chairman of the Blockchain for Productivity Forum, spoke passionately about India’s potential as a blockchain technology leader. He envisions India as the “Sona ka hathi” (Gold Elephant) in the realm of blockchain technology. Gupta’s launch of the Web3 Skilling Project is set to benefit students, government employees, and professionals across sectors.

Insights from Panel Discussions and Technical Session

The event was segmented into three Panel Discussions, a Briefing Session on Forum Activities, and a Technical Session. These sessions provided comprehensive insights into blockchain’s transformative potential in public utilities. The conference facilitated knowledge sharing and future discussions on blockchain, with experts from organizations such as NIXI, TRAI, STPI, TCIL, CDAC, TEC, IIM Lucknow, HyperLedger Foundation, Gaia Smart Cities, Bharat Web3 Association, Ministry of Defence, Indian Navy, IEEE, and Serenity Shield sharing their collective wisdom.

Serenity Shield’s Impact on India’s IT and Telecoms Infrastructure

Serenity Shield’s presence at the conference alongside India’s infrastructure giants demonstrates blockchain’s legitimacy for integration within India’s IT and Telecoms infrastructure. This endorsement is significant for the widespread adoption of emerging blockchain technologies within traditional commercial sectors and markets.


The conference on blockchain’s potential in revolutionizing public utilities was a momentous event that brought together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts. It served as a platform for knowledge sharing and highlighted the transformative power of blockchain technology. With Serenity Shield’s dedication to blockchain technology and data security solutions, the future looks promising for a brighter and more secure digital landscape.

About Serenity Shield:

Serenity Shield is a leading provider of blockchain technology and data security solutions. Their mission is to empower organizations to embrace the potential of blockchain while ensuring data integrity and privacy. To learn more about Serenity Shield and their offerings, visit their website: [Serenity Shield](

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