SHIB Lead Developer Calls Popular YouTube Influencer A Waste of Time

In a recent interview, the lead developer of SHIB, a popular cryptocurrency, called out a popular YouTube influencer as a “waste of time.” The comment has sparked controversy among the influencer’s followers, who are defending the YouTuber’s integrity and highlighting their positive impact on the cryptocurrency community. The lead developer’s remarks have raised questions about the increasing relevance of social media influencers in the world of cryptocurrency and whether their influence is truly valuable or simply superficial. This incident highlights the importance of conducting thorough research and critically evaluating sources of information when making investment decisions in the cryptocurrency world.

The controversy surrounding the Shibarium code caused issues for the popular meme coin SHIB. However, its beta launch on the layer 2 network is set to hit the metaverse this week. Despite the anticipation within the community, some crypto enthusiasts remain unaffected. Recently, the lead developer of SHIB, Shytoshi Kusuma, called out a famous YouTube influencer for his skepticism of SHIB. Kusuma revealed that the crypto influencer ignored him in a live stream and failed to mention Shiba Inu throughout the broadcast, resulting in him labeling the influencer a waste of time. Kusuma also pointed out that the influencer had a real issue to handle and requested him to stop fudding. The court case against Ben Armstrong, aka Bitboy, and others for promoting crypto projects is the real beef, according to Kusuma. Armstrong responded with a tweet stating his excitement about the lawsuit and how he plans to countersue the plaintiffs and their lawyers to prove his non-involvement in FTX. Additionally, an argument ensued between BitBoy and Rancune on Twitter, with BitBoy stating that he would dox the SHIB founder. Many users responded in favor of Shiba Inu, encouraging BitBoy to join the opportunity and stating that its layer 2 platforms will boost BONE demand in the industry.

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