Soccer Legend Ronaldinho Investigated Over Participating in a Crypto Scam (Report)

Soccer superstar Ronaldinho is under investigation for his alleged involvement in a cryptocurrency scam, according to a new report. The Brazilian legend, known for his skills on the field, is facing claims that he promoted an illegal cryptocurrency project. Authorities are looking into his participation in the scheme, which allegedly defrauded thousands of victims. This shocking news has caught the attention of fans worldwide, as they await further developments on the case involving one of football’s most beloved icons.

The Brazilian authorities are currently conducting an investigation into Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, also known as Ronaldinho, for his alleged involvement in a cryptocurrency scam. Ronaldinho was summoned to testify in court, but he did not appear without providing any explanation for his absence.

Expected to Show up in Court Next Week

Recent reports suggest that Ronaldinho, a former soccer star for FC Barcelona, AC Milan, and Brazil’s national team, is suspected of participating in a fraudulent scheme related to a company called “18kRonaldinho.” This dubious company promised investors false profits of 2% per day if they invested a minimum of $30 in digital currencies. Initially, Ronaldinho appeared as an ambassador for the company, which primarily sold watches and jewelry.

Despite having the opportunity to remain silent in court, Ronaldinho did not shed any light on his potential role in the company. He failed to attend the court hearing, raising further suspicion. As a result, the authorities have summoned Ronaldinho to appear in court on August 30. If he fails to do so again, law enforcement agents may resort to using force to bring him in.

Ronaldinho Already on the Crypto Bandwagon

While the investigation into Ronaldinho’s alleged involvement in the cryptocurrency scam unfolds, it is important to note that he has been involved in the crypto industry in a legal capacity for over a year. In February of last year, Ronaldinho partnered with Graph Blockchain’s subsidiary New World Inc. to become an ambassador for the organization and introduce NFT experiences to his large fanbase. With nearly 75 million followers on Instagram, Ronaldinho has a significant reach.

A few months later, Ronaldinho collaborated with the decentralized exchange P00LS to launch his own token called RON. This further solidified his presence in the crypto world and demonstrated his interest in exploring the opportunities presented by blockchain technology.

At this point, Ronaldinho’s attorneys maintain that he is a victim of the cryptocurrency scam. They argue that wrongdoers have exploited his image and name to deceive more people. Meanwhile, investors who fell victim to the scheme are seeking the retrieval of 300 million reais ($61 million) for the damages they suffered.

In conclusion, Ronaldinho’s involvement in a cryptocurrency scam has raised serious concerns, and the Brazilian authorities are determined to investigate the matter further. While Ronaldinho has been involved in the legitimate aspects of the crypto industry, his alleged participation in fraudulent activities has had significant repercussions. Only time will reveal the truth behind these accusations and shed light on Ronaldinho’s role in the cryptocurrency scam.

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