Solana comes out with a disruption analysis report

Solana, a leading blockchain platform, has released a disruptive analysis report, highlighting important insights on how the technology landscape is being transformed. With a focus on blockchain, the report provides valuable information and data-driven analysis on the trends and challenges in the industry. As more companies adopt blockchain, this report is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding how this technology is changing the game. With Solana’s reputation as a top-performing blockchain, the analysis provides valuable insights for both businesses and investors looking to stay ahead of the curve. Read the report today to get a deep dive into the latest developments and insights in the blockchain world!

Solana Disruption: Analysis & Fixes

Solana, a popular high-performance blockchain platform, recently faced a disruption in its services due to the transmission of more data than usual by various services on its network operating custom block forwarding software. This incident occurred on Feb 25, 2023, and caused a significant delay in Solana’s Mainnet Beta cluster’s finalization time. To tackle the issue, Solana’s team conducted an analysis report to identify and mitigate the disruption’s root cause.

Identifying the Issue

Initially, the engineers presumed that the delay was caused by clogging inside the primary block propagation protocol, known as the Turbine. They recorded a massive influx of traffic, resulting in an unprecedented number of block data being transmitted over the slow fallback Block Repair protocol. After much trial and error, the team identified the underlying reason for this disruption. The irregular Turbine traffic blocking forwarding services faced an unusually big block that overwhelmed the validator deduplication filters. As a result, the data contained in the oversize block was being reforwarded repeatedly among the validators, causing the protocol to become overcrowded.

Finding the Solution

After accurately pinpointing the reason for the disruption, Solana’s core engineers began working on making suitable changes to the deduplication filter to fit in with the method that overcrowds along a logistic curve. They introduced a new filter set with different properties compared to the previous one, increasing its holding ability to pave the way for a more significant number of unique components before the protocol becomes overcrowded.

The new version of the deduplication filter is now parallelizable, providing effective throwing out of duplicates, with no bottlenecks happening by ordering restrictions on its components. Additionally, the engineers are collaborating with shred forwarding service providers to enhance the overall resilience and adaptability of the designs.


In conclusion, Solana responded to the disruption incident promptly and efficiently by conducting an analysis report to identify and mitigate its root cause. The team’s work on altering the deduplication filter to improve Solana’s performance can help the platform continue to deliver exceptional user experiences. These advancements can contribute to Solana’s development and growth, enabling the platform to continue to establish itself as a top contender in the blockchain industry’s competitive landscape.

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