Switchboard is now on Core Mainnet Alpha

Introduction of Core blockchain and Switchboard’s role

In early 2023, the Core blockchain was launched on mainnet, and Switchboard played a crucial role in supporting developers within its ecosystem using their oracle framework. Oracles are essential for any blockchain mainnet launch, as they provide the necessary data that developers need to integrate into their products, such as DeFi prices.

Importance of oracles in blockchain mainnet launches

Oracles are crucial for any blockchain mainnet launch, as they provide the necessary data for developers to integrate into their products. This data could be in the form of DeFi prices or other relevant information, and without it, developers would not be able to create effective products.

Switchboard’s v2 duplication on Core blockchain

Switchboard has executed the v2 duplication on the Core blockchain in order to create a strong foundation for their oracle framework. This will help developers within the Core ecosystem to access the data they need to create effective products and benefit from exposure within the ecosystem.

The Explorer provides connected developers with live data feeds and an easier way to incorporate them into their contracts. Developers can simply plug in the feed address and read the data.

The Publisher allows developers to maintain their own custom data feeds, with features such as permissionless creation and customization. This allows developers to easily create, fund, and control their own data feeds without any friction or contact.

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