The Indian Railways incorporates blockchain technology

The Indian Railways has embraced blockchain technology to enhance transparency, safety, and efficiency in their operations. By doing so, the rail operator aims to improve the way it manages its vast network, streamline its processes, and provide a better user experience to its millions of passengers. From supply chain management to ticketing and reservations, the blockchain-based system will enable the Indian Railways to track and manage multiple transactions securely and accurately. With this innovative technology, the Indian Railways is set to transform the rail transportation industry in India and offer a seamless and hassle-free travel experience to its customers.

Indian Railways Implements Blockchain Technology: Workshop Held by NAIR, ChainCode Consulting and Polygon

The Indian Railways has taken a significant step towards modernizing its operations by incorporating blockchain technology for the first time. This groundbreaking decision was made after a highly informative workshop was conducted at the National Academy of Indian Railways (NAIR) in Vadodara, Gujarat. The workshop was organized in partnership with ChainCode Consulting and Polygon.

The three-day workshop, from February 15th to February 17th, saw the participation of officials from the zonal offices of Indian Railways. They were educated on the potential of blockchain technology and emerging solutions for enhancing the railways’ overall functioning. The workshop also discussed various use cases and obstacles faced by railway officials, including the need for a unified certificate validation to authenticate their abilities and knowledge.

Experts noted that the issuance of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)-oriented certifications could appropriately solve this issue, making it possible to manage, monitor, and authenticate officials’ abilities. To familiarize the officials with the workings of the system, ChainCode Consulting, in collaboration with the Indian Railways, delivered unique Phygital NFT Certificates. These certificates have been duly minted on the Polygon Ecosystem via the utilization of NFTrace.

ChainCode Consulting is the largest provider of enterprise-level products and services for conducting secure, access-controlled, and decentralized operations. In contrast, Polygon is a pioneer in blockchain development platforms offering Web3-compatible, sustainable, secure, and upgradeable blockchains.

By implementing blockchain technology, Indian Railways aims to revolutionize its operations, improving efficiency and bolstering security. The workshop’s success bodes well for further collaboration between government institutions and decentralized technology experts for India’s overall growth and development.

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– Indian Railways Takes a Pathbreaking Step by Incorporating Blockchain Technology
– Blockchain to Modernize Indian Railways: Workshop Held by NAIR, ChainCode Consulting and Polygon

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