These Alts Have Dumped the Most Weekly While BTC Stalls at $26K: Weekend Watch

In this weekend watch edition, we explore the altcoins that have experienced the most significant dumps over the week, while Bitcoin remains stagnant at around $26,000. As crypto enthusiasts eagerly await Bitcoin’s next move, we dive into the market analysis of these alternative cryptocurrencies, shedding light on their recent performance. Stay updated with the latest developments in the crypto market and make informed trading decisions with this weekend watch update.

Bitcoin Stagnant at $26,000: Will the Price Breakout?

Bitcoin’s price performance over the past 24 hours has remained stagnant at the $26,000 level. This lack of movement is not surprising, as trading volumes are typically lower during the weekends. However, this level of stability is reminiscent of last week when Bitcoin was stuck at around $29,000 for several weeks before experiencing a sudden price dump.

Bitcoin’s Recent Price History

After the price dump, Bitcoin attempted to recover some of its losses but eventually settled at $26,000. Since then, the cryptocurrency has been struggling to break out of this range. This lack of movement continued into the start of the business week, with BTC failing to make a significant move.

On Wednesday, Bitcoin experienced a dip of over $500, but the bulls quickly intervened and pushed the price higher. Thursday saw a more notable increase, driving the price up to $26,800. However, despite these brief spikes, Bitcoin failed to sustain momentum and returned to the $26,000 level where it has remained for the past 48 hours.

As a result, Bitcoin’s market capitalization has remained under $510 billion, and its dominance over altcoins is just shy of 48.5%.

Altcoins Following Bitcoin’s Stagnation

While Bitcoin has been relatively stable, the alternative coins, or altcoins, have also experienced minimal price movements in the past few days. With the weekend passing by, there hasn’t been much change in the prices of larger-cap altcoins such as Ripple, Cardano, Ethereum, Solana, Dogecoin, and Polkadot. Some have shown minor gains, while others have experienced insignificant losses.

However, when looking at the weekly performances of altcoins, there have been more significant movements. PEPE, for example, experienced a massive 20% dump earlier this week amid suspicious transfers and claims surrounding the meme coin’s creator. Other altcoins like RUNE, APE, and XDC have also seen losses of up to 17% over the past week.

Despite these fluctuations in altcoin prices, the total crypto market cap has remained relatively stable at around $1.050 trillion.

Overall, the cryptocurrency market seems to be in a period of consolidation, with Bitcoin and altcoins experiencing stagnant price movements. However, as trading volumes pick up and market dynamics change, there is always the possibility of a breakout in either direction.

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