Timestamping Digital Files With VIDT DAO-Powered Blockchain Technology

VIDT DAO is a blockchain platform that provides timestamping services to digital files for enhanced security and authenticity. This innovative technology ensures that data is tamper-proof and can be easily verified for legal and regulatory compliance. VIDT DAO’s decentralized platform utilizes a wide range of blockchain protocols to offer immutable, transparent, and cost-effective solutions for timestamping digital files. Using VIDT DAO’s blockchain technology means that digital files cannot be altered, deleted, or manipulated, making it an integral part of any data verification process. By ensuring a high level of security and transparency, VIDT DAO’s blockchain technology helps clients to establish trust and build lasting relationships with their customers.

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to expand, file validation and verification have become essential for maintaining the integrity and security of digital documents. Even in the nascent field of blockchain, cyber security has become a hot topic due to the rise in cyber attacks and digital fraud.

March 2023 alone witnessed more than 26 documented attacks in the cryptocurrency industry, resulting in over $211 million of compromised funds. This trend has raised serious concerns among regular users, who fear that their digital files may be compromised, leading to loss of funds or tampered information.

FileValidator understands these concerns and has introduced an innovative solution for validating digital files. It is an advanced file verification tool designed to guarantee the authenticity and integrity of your files. Using VIDT’s advanced blockchain technology, once a file is verified, its integrity will remain untampered and intact, providing peace of mind to users.

FileValidator is different from other file verification tools in that it is incredibly easy to use. You can verify the fingerprint of your files in three simple steps. First, you need to select a file and drag it into the platform. These can be images, videos, PDFs, and other file formats. Once this is done, FileValidator will process the file locally in-browser and create a unique digital fingerprint, known as a hash. This hash is then recorded on the VIDT blockchain. After this, users can access the verified file at any time and double-check its authenticity by comparing its current fingerprint with the one stored on the network. If they match, the file is validated.

FileValidator can be used to verify a broad range of files, including images, audio files, zip files, install files, software packages, database backups, Excel, Word, and PDF files.

The platform is now available for Open Beta testing for anyone with at least 1 VIDT token in their ERC20 wallet. You can find out more about the project on their official Twitter account, as well as that of VIDT DAO.

In conclusion, FileValidator’s innovative verification tool provides an easy and secure way to validate your digital files’ authenticity and integrity, giving you peace of mind that your files are protected from tampering and fraud.

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