Top 5 blockchain projects outperforming Bitcoin’s recent 30% gains

In the world of cryptocurrency investing, Bitcoin has long been considered the king of the digital currency market. However, over the past few weeks, some blockchain projects have been outperforming Bitcoin’s recent 30% gains. These projects include:

1. Polygon (MATIC) – This project offers fast, secure, and low-cost transactions on Ethereum, making it a popular choice among decentralized applications (dApps) and users.

2. Solana (SOL) – Solana is a high-performance blockchain that boasts fast transactions and low fees. Its architecture allows for high-volume trading and complex smart contracts.

3. Terra (LUNA) – Terra is a blockchain platform that focuses on stablecoin issuance and payment processing. Its native stablecoins are backed by real-world assets, making them a popular choice among users and merchants.

4. Avalanche (AVAX) – Avalanche is a decentralized platform that allows users to create and trade assets in a highly scalable and secure environment. It supports Ethereum-based applications and offers fast transaction speeds and low fees.

5. Fantom (FTM) – Fantom is another high-performance blockchain that offers fast transaction speeds and low fees. It aims to become the go-to platform for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications and development.

Investors looking to diversify their cryptocurrency portfolios may want to consider these top-performing blockchain projects alongside Bitcoin. These projects are increasingly proving their worth and could offer good investment opportunities in the future.

Cryptocurrency market is experiencing a significant increase in recent times, with Bitcoin surging over 30%. Alt-coins and DeFi space also had a substantial increase, with various tokens leading the way such as Conflux ($CFX), Mask Network ($MASK), Stacks ($STX), MAGIC ($MAGIC), and Fantom ($FTM). Let’s take a closer look at the top gainers from the past week and understand what these tokens do.

Conflux ($CFX) saw a whopping increase of 197.94% in the past week and now has a market capitalization of $1.1 billion. It operates as a layer-1, permissionless blockchain, utilizing Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism – much like Ethereum, and solves persistent challenges in scalability, interoperability, and decentralization. Conflux’s current price is $0.42004, down 57% from its all-time high.

Mask Network ($MASK) gained 129% in the past week, with a market capitalization of $487 million, allowing individuals to transmit cryptocurrency, engage with decentralized applications, and share encrypted material on various social media platforms. The protocol offers secure communication such as sending encrypted messages and cryptocurrency transfers through platforms such as Twitter. Currently, Mask Network’s price is $6.39442.

Stacks ($STX) is another top gainer in the past week, with a rise of 112.96%. It has a market capitalization of $1.7 billion and a current price of $1.24438. The Stacks blockchain is built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain leveraging its security and robustness while extending its functionality. The Stacks introduces a unique consensus mechanism called Proof of Transfer (PoX), which connects the Stacks blockchain to Bitcoin, thereby enhancing the Stacks ecosystem.

MAGIC ($MAGIC) is a new player in the metaverse tokens category and gained 78.17% in the past week. It has a market capitalization of $385.1 million, and its current price is $1.81449. MAGIC serves as the currency on the decentralized Trove marketplace for buying and selling NFTs and facilitates the linkage between existing and future metaverses.

Fantom ($FTM) had a gain of 63.34% in the past week, with a market capitalization of $3.9 billion, and a current price of $1.13. It is a smart-contract platform with high performance, scalability, and security, boasting an open-source directed acyclic graph network compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

In conclusion, the cryptocurrency market is booming, with various tokens experiencing significant gains. The five alt-coins mentioned above are currently leading the way. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues in the coming weeks, and if new contenders arise to compete with these top performers.

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