Translucia’s Multiverse Convergence: Rethinking human experiences

Translucia presents a breakthrough event, the Multiverse Convergence, an opportunity to take a quantum leap in rethinking human experiences. This event invites individuals to explore and embrace the power of multiple realities of the multiverse. With innovative speakers, interactive workshops and experiential sessions, Translucia’s Multiverse Convergence promises to transform the way we see ourselves, our world and our future. Don’t miss this chance to discover unexplored dimensions of reality and unlock your true potential. Join us and push the boundaries of human consciousness in this exciting paradigm-shifting event.

Translucia has recently introduced its innovative multiverse convergence solution. The LightLink Protocol, a proprietary layer 2 blockchain, facilitates interoperability between apps on Polygon and Ethereum. The primary objective of this protocol is to simplify the accessibility of Web3 for everyone. The platform was launched in Bangkok on March 15th, and more features will be unveiled shortly. LightLink Protocol is a joint venture of Translucia Metaverse, T&B Media Global, and MQDC. It is the first enterprise L2 blockchain, intended to help standard businesses enter the Web3 industry. The protocol offers an easily accessible and cost-effective solution for 3rd party metaverses, enabling enterprises to explore Web3.

According to the latest updates in Web3 news, the LightLink Protocol is designing a critical framework that integrates 3rd party metaverse projects. These frameworks facilitate interoperability, allowing for multiverse convergence within L1 blockchains. The launch of LightLink has opened new avenues for collaboration and commerce between metaverse owners, providing innovative opportunities for users to explore.

Moreover, LightLink offers a multiverse convergence solution to address the ongoing fragmentation of the current Web3 framework. The protocol allows users to connect easily throughout the Internet Multiverse. It also offers an enterprise mode that eliminates the need and complexity of acquiring Layer1 blockchain’s native token, reducing the onboarding fees required for businesses to use blockchain technology. The protocol assures seamless output across the ecosystem, ensuring stable gas fees and performance.

The metaverse community has already shown great interest in the LightLink Protocol, and with the involvement of major players in the project, it is expected to be a huge success.

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