UK Government to Poll Brits on Banning Cold Calls Related to Crypto

The UK government is planning to poll British citizens on the possibility of banning cold calls related to cryptocurrencies. Cold calls, which are unsolicited phone calls, are commonly used by scammers to prey on unsuspecting individuals and coerce them into investing in fraudulent cryptocurrency schemes. The government aims to gather public opinion on whether such calls should be prohibited to protect consumers from falling victim to financial scams. Stay tuned for updates on this important regulatory development in the cryptocurrency industry.

The Importance of Banning Cold Calls in the UK

Cold calls have long been a method used by fraudsters to prey on unsuspecting individuals and businesses. The British government is now considering a ban on cold calls as part of their larger campaign to reduce fraud. This move comes as a response to the increasing number of scams and fraudulent activities involving financial products, including cryptocurrencies. A new public consultation has been introduced to review the potential impact of such a ban on individuals and businesses.

The consultation aims to explore the best way to design and implement the ban. It consists of 19 questions and will run until September 27. The government is seeking input from consumers and businesses that may be affected by the proposed ban.

One of the specific cases highlighted in the consultation involves a cold call that resulted in an individual investing £65,000 ($82,000) after initially intending to invest only £250 ($315). This example clearly demonstrates the potential financial harm that can be caused by cold calls.

The British Economic Secretary to the Treasury, Andrew Griffith, emphasized the need for public awareness and vigilance regarding unsolicited calls marketing financial products. In his statement, Griffith urged the public to recognize that any unsolicited call offering investments in crypto assets or insurance is a scam, and to avoid falling victim to fraudsters.

According to government research, more than half of all British landlines received suspicious calls in the past year. While the exact numbers for cold call-related fraud are not available, the estimated total loss of funds to fraud in the UK is a staggering £6.8 billion ($8.6 billion).

The proposed ban on cold calls is seen as a necessary step towards protecting consumers and businesses from fraudulent activities. By prohibiting unsolicited calls, individuals will be less likely to fall victim to scams and potentially lose significant amounts of money.

The Impact on Crypto Investors

The consultation has sparked a heated debate among crypto investors, with many expressing support for an outright ban on cold calls related to crypto investments. The UK government has recognized the need for increased consumer protection in the crypto industry. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has been working on establishing clear rules for digital asset companies and taking steps to prevent scams and fraud.

This consultation is just one of the many initiatives aimed at regulating the crypto market in the United Kingdom. With the growing popularity and potential risks associated with cryptocurrencies, it is crucial to implement measures that protect investors and prevent fraudulent activities.

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