Unchained Music teams up with Avalanche

Unchained Music, a renowned music platform, recently announced its collaboration with Avalanche, a popular blockchain network. This partnership aims to bring significant changes to the music industry, offering a secure and decentralized ecosystem for music rights management. With Avalanche’s innovative blockchain technology, Unchained Music guarantees transparency, speed, and cost-effectiveness in the distribution of royalties to artists and content creators. Music enthusiasts can expect a more efficient and equitable music ecosystem, as both companies work towards revolutionizing the way music rights are managed. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting partnership between Unchained Music and Avalanche.

Unchained Music and Avalanche Partner to Boost Artist Royalties on C-Chain

Unchained Music’s innovative approach to music distribution has earned it a reputation as a game-changer in the industry. With a focus on Web3 technology, the platform allows artists to upload their music to all major streaming services with a single upload. Now, Unchained Music has taken an important step forward in partnership with Avalanche, deploying artist royalty capital on the C-chain of Avalanche. This partnership involves several DeFi protocols to boost scalability and represents an important milestone in the evolution of Web3 music distribution.

Avalanche, a platform for smart contracts designed to grow infinitely, was touted by Unchained Music in its Twitter announcement of the partnership. The community has responded positively, with many calling the partnership a “great combination” and others citing the power of Avalanche subnets as an asset in achieving their goals. The strength of partnerships is on display at Avalanche, and Unchained Music’s collaboration with the platform is a notable example of this.

Another recent partnership that has garnered attention involves SK Planet and Ava Labs. With Avalanche Subnet UPTN set to launch in South Korea, Web3 infrastructure will be provided in the region, expanding Avalanche’s presence in Asia. Vice President of the Avalanche Network, John Nahas, is optimistic about the platform’s approach to partnership building, citing the time spent with developers to ensure their priorities are met.

Unchained Music’s reputation as a champion of independent artists has been bolstered by its offering of 100 percent royalties to musicians. The platform allows artists to retain full ownership of their content and does not take a share of the royalties. Additionally, Unchained Music has been featured in top publications such as CoinDesk, Nasdaq, and Yahoo Finance and boasts over 10,000 artists and labels worldwide. The Web3 music distribution facility extends to over 200 streaming platforms, giving artists the platform they deserve.

As Unchained Music continues to make strides in its roadmap, the partnership with Avalanche is poised to deliver even more value to independent musicians seeking to make it big. Through this collaboration, Unchained Music and Avalanche are set to change the game for music distribution and empower artists with control over their content and royalties.

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