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NEAR APAC: The Largest Global Blockchain Conference in Vietnam

NEAR APAC, the largest global blockchain conference in Vietnam, is set to take place on September 9-10, 2023, at Thiskyhall Sala Convention Center in Ho Chi Minh City. The event promises to be a global gathering, bringing together leading blockchain experts, developers, students, enterprises, and startups from the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region and beyond.

Unlimited Future: Exploring the Latest Advancements in Blockchain Technology

Themed “Unlimited Future”, NEAR APAC will serve as a platform for exploring the latest advancements in blockchain technology and multi-chain decentralized applications within the APAC region. The conference will offer diverse activities designed to engage and inspire participants beyond traditional panel discussions and keynote presentations.

Participants can immerse themselves in a virtual reality playground, explore the Web3 Dating zone tailored for startups and venture capitalists, witness cutting-edge technology demonstrations, and partake in thrilling NFT and gaming activities. NEAR APAC aims to provide a dynamic and interactive environment that fosters networking, collaboration, and the exploration of emerging technologies.

Join a Global Community of Blockchain Enthusiasts

With over 8,000 expected attendees, NEAR APAC is set to attract a wide array of participants, including 100+ global blockchain leaders as speakers, 1,000+ developers, students from 10+ universities, 300+ projects and startups, and representatives from 100+ enterprises. Register now and secure your place at the forefront of the blockchain revolution.

Unique Opportunities for Each Target Audience

The conference offers unique opportunities for each target audience:

  • Builders: NEAR APAC will host a Web3 Hackfest, Web3 Code Challenge, and Builder stage with a prize pool of $110,000, providing developers with a platform to showcase their skills and engage in collaborative coding sessions. The conference will also feature a dedicated hacking area for participants to explore their ideas further. Learn more at https://web3hackfest.org/.
  • VCs and Start-ups: The Greenhouse Program at NEAR APAC brings venture capitalists on board as speakers, partners, and judges for the Hackathon. Start-ups can benefit from the guidance and support of experienced investors. Visit https://nearapac.org/the-greenhouse/ for more information.
  • Blockchain Community, IT Students, and Start-ups: NEAR APAC hosts the Web2 & Web3 Career Fair in collaboration with TOP CV, Vietnam’s largest recruitment platform. This unique opportunity allows start-ups and projects to connect with talented individuals and find suitable candidates for their companies.

Elevating the Event Experience with Additional Attractions

NEAR APAC further elevates the event experience with additional attractions designed to captivate and engage attendees. A Web2 technology show will feature fascinating displays such as robot beer servers, holograms, and flying motorcycles. A travel game with a substantial prize pool will incentivize participants to explore every booth, maximizing the benefits for booth sponsors. By completing tasks and collecting NFTs, participants can share in the $15,000 prize pool. These activities aim to drive user engagement and provide booth sponsors with maximum marketing exposure during the event.


NEAR APAC is Vietnam’s largest blockchain/crypto conference entity, focused on showcasing the latest advancements in blockchain technology and multi-chain decentralized applications within the APAC region. With its “Unlimited Future” theme, NEAR APAC aims to foster networking, collaboration, and the exploration of emerging technologies in an interactive environment. For more information, visit https://nearapac.org/.

Conference Information

  • Time: 9:30 – 17:00 on September 9-10, 2023.
  • Location: 5th Floor – Thiskyhall Convention – HCMC.
  • Organizers: Near Foundation, GFI, VBI.

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