Unstoppable launches .binanceUS domain as they add network support

Unstoppable, the leading decentralized web infrastructure provider, has launched a new .binanceUS domain as they add support for the Binance Smart Chain network. This move is expected to make it easier for users to interact with the Binance US ecosystem, while also providing greater decentralization and security through the use of blockchain technology. With the .binanceUS domain now live, users can access decentralized websites and applications on the Binance Smart Chain network with ease, while also benefiting from Unstoppable’s advanced security features. This latest development highlights Unstoppable’s commitment to revolutionizing the way we interact with the internet, using decentralized technology to provide greater freedom, security, and accessibility.

Binance.US Partners with Unstoppable Domains and Polygon Network for .binanceUS domains

Binance.US has collaborated with Unstoppable Domains and Polygon Network to offer a seamless experience to the Web3 community. The partnership aims to introduce .binanceUS domains, replacing the cryptic, traditional addresses with easy-to-remember addresses. This move will simplify the experience for Binance users by letting them own digital identities.

The Binance.US app is set to launch its premium 2-digit and 2-letter domains on the platform, where users can search for their preferred domains, lock them, and start using them. The definitive launch date for .binanceUS domains is yet to be announced. However, members of the Binance Web3 community can register and join the waitlist. Binance.US will take care of keeping the domains, and Unstoppable Domains will mint them on the Polygon Network with the benefit of zero renewal fees and zero gas fees.

Unstoppable Domains has been at the forefront of introducing customized domains that replace traditional addresses, including domains such as .nft, .crypto, and .x. With the introduction of .binanceUS domains, Binance.US app aims to enhance the digital identity offerings for its users further.

Nandini Maheshwari from Binance.US is thrilled to partner with Polygon and Unstoppable and make the experience simple for the community while enabling them to own digital identities. The Vice President also stressed the Binance’s core mission to increase accessibility to Web3 by providing a safe and secure ecosystem.

The .binanceUS domains will exclusively be available on the native platform of Binance. Established in 2017, the platform has made a name for itself globally with a long list of features like Mobile Trading, eWallet, and Trading Accounts. Following the footsteps of other domains that Unstoppable has supported, the .binanceUS domains will also be minted on Polygon, offering a revised and enhanced digital identity to the community.

Sandy Carter, the Head of Business Development and Chief Operating Officer at Unstoppable, has appreciated the partnership, saying that it brings together the strength of the Binance.US community, the power of Unstoppable digital identity, and the scalability of the Polygon Network. The Binance.US community can purchase domains to use them to send and receive more than 300 different cryptocurrencies.

In conclusion, this partnership intends to simplify the experience for the Binance.US community by introducing easy-to-remember .binanceUS domains while enhancing the digital identity offerings using Unstoppable Domain and the Polygon Network. The Binance.US community now can have a better experience with a safe and secure ecosystem.

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