UrbanChange Protocol that Fosters Economic and Social Sustainability in Local Communities Announces Mainnet Launch

The UrbanChange Protocol, a blockchain-based platform focused on promoting economic and social sustainability in local communities, has announced the launch of its Mainnet. The platform provides a secure and transparent environment for transactions and collaboration among individuals, businesses, and organizations within a community. With the Mainnet launch, UrbanChange Protocol aims to enhance its functionalities and promote sustainable economic growth by enabling peer-to-peer transactions, community-driven innovations, and decentralized decision-making. This announcement is likely to attract attention from innovators and community builders interested in leveraging blockchain technology for sustainable development.

UrbanChange Protocol Launches Mainnet, Bringing Dual-Token Economy Model to Local Communities

UrbanChange Protocol, a cutting-edge dual-token economy model promoting economic and social sustainability in local communities across the globe, is set to launch on mainnet. UrbanChange’s protocol empowers community leaders, organizations, and individuals alike to maximize their budget impact by promoting local engagement. This engagement is geared toward sustainability, education, preventive care, diversity, and shopping local. In the coming weeks, the protocol and all it offers will be made publicly accessible.

As a paradigm shift in how local engagement is measured and incentivized, UrbanChange Protocol presents a breakthrough move designed to encourage residents and local community leaders to launch UrbanChange in their respective communities. Early adopters will receive special benefits, including a grant designated to jumpstart success.

UrbanChange Protocol’s dual-token model, consisting of LocalCoins and ImpactTokens, promotes a continuous cycle of social engagement and economic growth. LocalCoins is a local currency residents earn for their engagement in supporting community goals. These goals may include recycling, volunteering, and promoting education. Residents can spend their LocalCoins on whitelisted local businesses. The spending of LocalCoins merits ImpactTokens, which offer voting and governance rights in the community. This provides access to benefits associated with shared ownership, reflecting the prosperity and level of social engagement of urban communities.

UrbanChange Protocol’s Local Hero Program provides leaders with 5,000 UrbanChange Tokens to launch their community on UrbanChange Protocol. The program offers resources leaders need to spread the word and implement UrbanChange successfully in their local communities. A total of 10 grants will be distributed to community leaders who join the Local Heroes Program and take the necessary steps to open their UrbanChange Vault.

“At UrbanChange, we believe that change can start anywhere,” said Ortal Tevel, UrbanChange Co-Founder. “It doesn’t matter if you are a municipality, a private or non-profit organization, or an individual. If you want to lead change, UrbanChange is designed for you. Nobody is too insignificant. You just need one community leader to drive change and take more and more people with them… In the end, every action counts, and collective action will ultimately create lasting change.”

Join UrbanChange Protocol’s Local Hero Program today by visiting their dedicated Discord group. Take the lead in promoting local engagement in your community and be part of the positive global change you want to see.

Overall, UrbanChange Protocol provides an innovative approach to the economic and social sustainability of urban communities by promoting local engagement through positive actions. This groundbreaking model creates a strong, circular local economy that drives increased economic and social prosperity and gives residents a true sense of ownership.

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